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Piqué’s great betrayal of Messi

Gerard Piqué Y Leo Messi they are unrelated. Their friendship abruptly broke up last season. As reported by the newspaper The countryafter having several frictions in the locker room, everything was blown up by Piqué’s attitude when Leo was negotiating his renewal with Barcelona.

The Barça central asked Joan Laporta not to renew the Argentine’s contract in order to solve the problems ofl Financial Fair Play. Piqué also made Laporta see that it was the right time to say goodbye to the Argentine star. The conversation reached the ears of Lionel who saw it as a betrayal of the one he considered his friend and decided to radically break relations. They had been sharing costumes for a long time and he considered him one more member of his family. She was especially hurt that he was not able to tell her face what she thought. and that he had to find out from third parties the opinion he gave Laporta.

Piqué’s betrayal was one of the lunges that hurt the most to a Messi who felt mistreated in a farewell that he considers was through the back door and that he did not deserve. Then PSG appeared and the Argentine had no choice but to go to Paris, where he is having real problems adapting. He greatly misses the life he led in Barcelona and is still homesick for Barcelona.

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