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Piqué demands the attention of Real Madrid: “No one remembers the last Champions League”

If there is something about the last Champions League won by Real Madrid based on comebacks It’s football history. Whether you are a member of the white team or not, it is a fact that against PSG, City and Chelsea, the Bernabéu increased its already eternal history with the Champions League and that is why the white team’s 14th will always be remembered. It is an undeniable fact except for Gerard Piqué, who again seems to demand attention with statements that, as he likes, can attract attention.

“It’s more of the same, the same as always, with little they advance the games and will compete for everything in the end. It is a team that does not transmit, but will be there and will reach the decisive moment of the Champions League. They have won more than anyone else in Europe, but our way of being and thinking means that when we win it is remembered forever. In Europe they remember Pep’s Barça as the best team in recent history. The last Champions of Madrid was a miracle and nobody remembers it, They were not superior in any tie, and for them it was just one more. Bellingham? He is a great player, he has everything, very complete,” Piqué commented on Rac1.

Of course, he became more serious to talk about Negreira case: “It is frightening that people say that we won because of the referees. They are trying to distort history to tarnish our achievements. We were so superior that there was no referee who could help us because we won most of our games by a landslide. I am convinced that the club will defend itself well. Sociological Madridismos? “We are in a country where there are more people from Madrid than from Barça and we want to bother, but we don’t have to get into these wars, we have to focus on ourselves.”

Regarding Xavi’s Barcelona project, Piqué asks for patience: “You have to be patient with the project. child. Nerves and criticism when Barça doesn’t play well in a couple of games are our daily bread at this club, but we’re fine now, it’s our demand.”

Piqué, currently owner of the Kings League and Andorra, does not need these types of statements to be news, since many of his projects are on the right track, but it is common for him to make them to heat up the atmosphere. Aim? It remains to be seen.

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