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Photos: King Charles’s eyelids wet at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral…view 10 emotional pictures

The Queen Elizabeth II will be buried in the George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II) will be buried next to her late husband Prince Philip at the King George VI Memorial Chapel in a private royal ceremony on Monday evening. As Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was taken inside Westminster Abbey for a state funeral, Big Ben stopped and prayers resounded in the air. During the funeral of the Queen, she was given a continuous gun salute and the church bells kept ringing.


1. During the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, her royal crown placed on top of her coffin can be clearly seen. ,
Photo Credit: AFP


2. The last journey of Queen Elizabeth II passed through the streets of Britain according to royal rules and regulations. Lund 1. Her ceremonial visit left Westminster Abbey after Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral on 19 September in London, Britain.
Photo Credit: AFP


3. King Charles III of Britain walks behind the coffin of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Photo Credit : AFP


4. After the royal funeral, Royal Navy soldiers carried Queen Elizabeth’s coffin on a royal cannon carriage from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch.
Photo Credit: AFP


5. People comfort each other during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain.
Photo Credit: AFP


6. The funeral pyre of Queen Elizabeth II is carried near the Queen Victoria Memorial in London on a royal cannon carriage.
Photo Credit: AFP


7. The royal family standing next to the burial carriage of the Queen’s coffin. Britain’s Princess of Wales Catherine, her children, Queen Consort Camilla, Meghan and Princess Beatrix can be seen in the picture here.
Photo Credit: AFP


8. Britain’s Queen Consort Camilla, Britain’s Princess of Wales Catherine, their children Princess Charlotte and Prince George board a car from London on their way to the burial of Queen Elizabeth.
Photo Credit: AFP


9. The successor, King Charles III, sitting near the coffin of Queen Elizabeth, wiping his tears.
Photo Credit: AFP



10. A photograph of Queen Elizabeth II placed among flowers by her well-wishers outside Windsor Castle.

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