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Pham Nhat Vuong, the Vietnamese Elon Musk

“Lwhere you stand, a few years ago there was only an uninhabited swamp”, explains with a smile the elegant Mrs. Thuy Le. The general manager of VinFast, a Vietnamese car manufacturer, triumphs. At the beginning of April, this financier welcomes a hundred guests to its gleaming mega-factory in Haiphong, which emerged from the ground only five years ago. It is particularly here, on an island in the Gulf of Tonkin, that VinFast, which unveiled its first thermal cars in 2018, intends to carry out its great and ambitious revolution: converting to all-electric and thus metamorphosing into a “Tesla Vietnamese”. Just that ! Before the end of the year, the manufacturer will launch two electric SUVs, then half a dozen other models will follow… The Haiphong plant, which de…

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