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Petro’s son uncovers the biggest case of corruption in Colombia

Colombia in its essence. The joys are short-lived and there is always a swell that takes the country’s breath away. Any citizen who is not dressed as a suspect, and even the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, does not escape that, whom his own son, Nicolás, four days after completing his first year in office, has placed under a storm, which is already being described by the opposition groups as the biggest corruption scandal that has arisen in the country. “If everything my son has said is true, this president would have to leave today,” declared the president, hit hard by Nicolás’s latest revelations.

“I am not Uribe or Santos, I am not Duke, I am not one of those who have passed behind for obvious reasons, I come from a different way of understanding things,” added the first left-wing president elected in Colombia.

On July 29, Nicolás Petro Burgos, 37, the son of the Colombian president’s first marriage, was captured by the Prosecutor’s Office along with his ex-wife, Daysuris Vázquez, accused of money laundering and illicit enrichment. On August 3, there was a change in the strategy of Nicolás Petro. According to the prosecutor who is now conducting the investigation, the president’s son acknowledged having received money from a drug trafficker and individuals with a dubious reputation, and that part of it went to his father’s presidential campaign.

The ex-wife’s complaint

The investigation was initially opened last March by prosecutor Francisco Barbosa, a clear opponent of Gustavo Petro, and after Nicolás’s ex-wife turned on the fan, denouncing in an interview the irregularities committed by the president’s son, and leaving her phone mobile available to the Police, and in which important conversations and chats were found.

Day Vázquez told the magazine ‘Semana’ that her ex-husband used her father’s name to receive large amounts of money that, in principle, were intended to support her father’s presidential campaign. Vázquez then clarified that Nicolás did everything behind his father’s back and that, in addition, he kept the money.

Nicolás Petro, in a change of strategy to avoid going to jail that led his former lawyer to resign his defense, and also in order to obtain some legal benefit, affirmed that illegal money entered his father’s presidential campaign. “My son will see, but the only thing I can recommend, honestly, honestly, never kneel to the executioner,” added Gustavo Petro, who denied knowing that illegal money had entered his campaign and that his son assured the judge such an accusation.

The president has assured that he will remain in office until 2026 during an act in favor of agrarian regeneration in a Colombian municipality.


Petro's son uncovers the biggest case of corruption in Colombia

“It’s not the first time they’ve tried to use the family scars, some will heal, others maybe never. Of course they have tried to use all the weaknesses to open the way for the collapse of the first popular government in Colombia. Petro assured that she had never asked her sons and daughters to commit crimes either to win or to finance campaigns “or for anything that has to do with that.”

The opposition demands answers

However, Petro, who in the morning had participated in the possession of the National Participation Committee that will activate the citizen presence during the 180 days that the bilateral ceasefire with the ELN will last, maintained that “this government ends in accordance with the popular mandate. There is no one who can put an end to this government if it is not the people themselves. We don’t leave until 2026.”

The opposition has fully reacted against the president demanding answers to the alleged irregularities pointed out by his son. In this sense, Senator Jota Pe Hernández denounced the president before the Investigation and Accusation Commission of the House of Representatives: “His own son, with evidence in hand, confirmed to the Prosecutor’s Office that the presidential campaign did receive irregular money. I request that it be investigated and that all crimes be punished and all corrupt go to jail, “he wrote on his social network.

For the moment, and pending the development of a new statement session this Friday, Nicolás Petro had managed not to be imprisoned and, instead, to remain in house arrest.

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