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Peru: only 6% of the population approves of Congress and 11% of President Boluarte

The survey, commissioned by the newspaper La República, shows a permanent decline in the image of both.

The Congress of Peru has a disapproval of 90% and only 6% of those surveyed support his managementwhile the president of the country, Dina Boluarte, maintains 11% acceptanceas in the previous month, according to a survey carried out by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP) released this Sunday.

The poll, commissioned by the newspaper The Republic to the IEP, states that the approval of the current Congress, during the two years of government, has shown a downward trend and has remained at the same levels throughout the year 2023.

The rejection of Congress reaches 90% in the month of August of this year, but in the same month of 2021 this figure was 61%.

The Legislature has a high disapproval in all segments. However, greater support is observed among those who identify themselves as right-wing (10%), people very interested in politics (11%), and those who approve of Boluarte’s management (31%),” the survey stated.

President Dina Boluarte in Congress. Reuters Photo

And as for the president of Congress, Alejandro Soto, who took office a month ago, he has a disapproval of 74% and an 18 approval. As for Boluarte, 79% of those surveyed disapprove of his management, less than the 82% registered in July.

Their rejection is greater in medium and low socioeconomic levels and in rural areas, and on the contrary, those who approve his management are concentrated in LimaThey are of high levels, people very interested in politics and who define themselves as right-wing.

“The approval of President Boluarte presents a downward trend and if the approval of July and August is compared with that observed at the beginning of January, there is a statistically significant reduction,” the survey indicated, highlighting a strong increase in disapproval in the central macrozone since June.

Trust in institutions

The Armed Forces are the state power that generates greater confidence among those surveyed, 50% trust them a lot or somewhat, while Congress registers the least trust, only 10% trust something and the percentage that does not trust anything goes from 57% to 72% in one year.

The percentage of people who do not have any trust in the Judiciary has increased by 8 points since August 2022, It has gone from 32% to 40%, compared to 4% who trust a lot and 22% somewhat.

Finally, the survey highlights that compared to August 2022, the number of respondents who trust the National Prosecutor’s Office is reduced by 10 points, since the figure goes from 35% to 25.

The results of the study have a maximum estimated error of ± 2.8 points for the results at the national level and 1,207 people distributed in 24 departments, 151 provinces and 438 districts were interviewed between August 19 and 24.

Source: EFE


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