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Peru faces its fourth government remodeling in six months

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo. / ef

The president, Pedro Castillo, will soon announce a new “more” participatory cabinet after dismissing the Executive en bloc amid criticism

Peru reinforces its attempts to get out of the political crisis in which it has been immersed in recent months. And it is that since the leftist Pedro Castillo assumed the presidency of the country on July 28, the Government has faced up to four renovations in the last six months, characterized by its own setbacks and internal struggles, as well as attacks from the radical right. «As I have always announced in my interventions, the cabinet is constantly being evaluated. For this reason, I have decided to renew it and form a new team, ”said the Latin American president last week when announcing once again the blocking dismissal of the Executive.

With the “firm commitment to provide solutions to the great problems of Peru,” Castillo assured this Wednesday that he will soon announce his new ministerial cabinet, in which he has been working for four days, which will be “more participatory and broad-based to promote a greatest benefit of all Peruvians. “My commitment continues to be with the people,” said the leftist leader, noting that for this he will take into account the “openness towards the political, academic and professional forces” of the country.

The last straw in a glass full of criticism of Castillo for the political crisis in which Peru has found itself since he came to power comes after several institutions, organizations, private unions, the media and even members of the Executive requested the departure of Héctor Valer, who took office exactly a week ago -replacing former Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez- but the controversy was not long in coming due to the accumulation of complaints of family violence that weighs on his shoulders. On Saturday he tendered his resignation.

The drift of the Peruvian Government has prompted the opposition to announce that it will present a motion of censure against the president; the umpteenth for Castillo. The leftist leader, in turn, denounced that powerful groups are promoting a “media campaign” in order to remove him, which exposes “anti-democratic attitudes of some sectors that only seek to destabilize the country and put governability at risk.” .

delegitimization campaign

In addition, the president denied the versions of some former ministers, such as Vásquez or the former head of the Interior, Avelino Guillén, who pointed out the existence of a kind of “shadow cabinet” made up of his closest advisers. «I strongly reject certain theories about the interference of my trusted team in decision-making. His claims are, in all their extremes, false », he stated.

Hours before Castillo’s statement, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denounced a campaign by “conservatism” to delegitimize the leftist governments of Castillo in Peru and Xiomara Castro in Honduras. “We are respectful of the decisions that are being made in other countries, but it is evident that conservatism is working against the legal, legitimately constituted government” of Castillo, the leftist president said in his morning press conference.


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