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Peru: a 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook Lima and the central coast

lime and a neighboring area of ​​the central coast of Peru turned on the alarms this Sunday after registering a strong 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Beyond latent concern, authorities reported that no fatalities were counted and that, furthermore, there are no tsunami forecasts derived from this earthquake.

The event took place at 1:32 a.m. (06h32 GMT), with its epicenter 44 kilometers west of Callao, the neighboring port of the Peruvian capital. The depth detected by the Geophysical Institute was 65 kilometers.

Quake lasted for more than 30 seconds and caused the population of some neighborhoods of the Peruvian capital to go out into the streets in pajamas, fearing material damage and in search of safe places to go through the natural phenomenon, despite the curfew in force in the city, as a result of of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Municipality of Lima, in a publication of the official Twitter account, reported: “The Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) of Metropolitan Lima, coordinates with the district emergency operations centers of the local governments of the capital to detect possible effects after a 5.2 MW earthquake that had Callao as its epicenter ”.

The Peruvian Navy ruled out that there was a risk of a tsunami, which had its epicenter in the sea. Civil Defense, for its part, indicated that no victims or damages had been reported.

A prone region

Peru is shaken every year by at least 400 noticeable earthquakes, as it is located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of ​​extensive telluric activity that extends along the west coast of the American continent.

For example, on June 23 of this year a strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake was registered, also in and other areas of the central coast of the country, which caused fear among the population and caused some damage, but without victims.

That earthquake had its epicenter in the sea 33 km southwest of Mala, a coastal town located about 100 km south of Lima, and 32 km deep, according to the National Seismological Center, which initially reported a magnitude of 5 , 8 degrees.

The executive president of the Geophysical Institute of Peru, Hernando Tavera, said on that occasion that it was “one of the strongest earthquakes that have been felt in recent years in Lima” although he clarified that “the material and personal damage could not be determined” .

“It is an earthquake of a very important magnitude, we hope that there will be aftershocks,” he added.

On May 26, 2019, meanwhile, a strong earthquake of magnitude 8 was registered in the northeast of Peru. There were landslides, one person died and others were injured.

The earthquake, at a moderate depth of 141 kilometers, occurred at 2.41.70 kilometers southeast of the city of Lagunas, in the Loreto region, near the border with Ecuador. Earthquakes closer to the surface are usually more destructive.

At least one person died from a rock slide in the Cajamarca region, north of the Peruvian Andes, one of the seven departments in Peru where damage was reported.

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