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Personal doubled internet speed for free: which customers access the benefit

It does not modify the final invoice. How active.

The provider of personal internet servicesformer Fibertel, went one step further this Monday with the evolution of its services with HFC technologies and fiber to the home (FTTH) in all the country. This Monday announced a surprising increase in connection speed for more than 3 million users of its service.

In this way, Personal increased the speed of internet at home for customers, doubling the browsing speed according to the contracted plan, without any change in your invoice, nor in the commercial conditions of your current planrespecting the price they had with the previous speed and automatically.

Customers who have technology Hybrid Fiber (HFC) and with availability for the change, they have already begun to enjoy their new internet speeds. All those with speeds from 12 megabytes to 25 megabytes go to speeds up to 50 meg. While those of 100 go to 300 megabytes, and those of 300 to 500 megabytes.

For customers who have the service through fiber to the home (FTTH) They will also have a speed increase going from 25 or 50 megabytes to 100 megabytes, from 100 to 300 megabytes and from 300 to 500 megabytes.

How to measure internet speed

Telephone internet connection (WiFi). Photo: Shutterstock

Those users who want to verify this benefit have free tools within their reach, the same ones that are used to find out if the connection seems slow: do a speed test. It simply consists of accessing one of the many web pages designed for this purpose, such as the Internet Users Association (; or even to the page of the Internet provider itself.

To do this, they first measure connection response time. They then send a packet of information to the device from which the test was started, and wait for an automatically generated response. With that, they perform both a measurement of the ping, as well as the rise and fall times.

The best thing is that speed tests take a few seconds, are usually free, and can be done in the same way from any device, be it a PC, tablet, or Android phone. measures the speed of the Internet connection, both on a Wi-Fi network and on a cellular network (Logo Fast Line). measures the speed of the Internet connection, both on a Wi-Fi network and on a cellular network (Logo Fast Line).

Also on the web you can easily find free internet measurement sites. For example, the one from FAST ( that opens directly from the PC or from the devices in a quick measurement of how our speed is.

Tips for Measuring Speed

Although the speed test is just a click away, before starting it, it is recommended to connect the device to the router via cable and not use the Wi-Fi network for this. Factors associated with wireless technology, such as connection security encryption or low signal strength, may cause slow down.

At the time of making the measurement, it is also important that the computer or device used is not running any program or using another Internet service, such as Netflix, which could consume the connection’s bandwidth. For this reason, it is equally important to disconnect from the network, other devices that are in operation in the house.

How to interpret the received data

To confirm or rule out a problem, once you have the speed test data, you must compare it with the contracted Internet speed. Thus, for example, if it is 100 megabytes, the upload speed shown by the test should tend to this number, although it will never be exactly the same, warns technician Jorge Velázquez.

While slower download and upload speeds could indicate a problem with your Internet service or router, if the values ​​returned by the test are normal, there may be problems with the website you were trying to access, or home internet speeds may not be good enough to support that type of browsing.

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