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Pepo Grasshopper arrives with his guitar to the squares

He combines his two passions: music with history, every time he steps on a public square in his land. It is no coincidence that she is nicknamed “Pepo Grasshopper”, because it keeps jumping like an itinerant grasshopper, dressed in green, and jumping from town to town, from square to square.

This is how he calls himself Eduardo Rodríguez Aponte, who in addition to being a history teacher at the secondary level, is dedicated to creating and performing original music. Añasco, Rincón, Aguada, Aguadilla, Moca, San Sebastián, Lares, Cabo Rojo, Hormigueros and San Germán have been some of the towns visited during the past month as part of their “Grasshopper Tour” to publicize their music with the new single “Back to Fall in Love”.

His plan is to make it known through visits to the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico while offering those present a bit of the history and culture of each town on the island, where he uses his knowledge as a teacher.

“The initiative has a musical and cultural purpose. During a normal trip to relax around the island with a friend, well, the idea of ​​looking for a local public occurs to me and what better way than to make a trip to the 78 municipalities of the island and connect with the people in each community, in the different areas: east, west, north, south or central Puerto Rico. While listening to my music, I wanted to highlight the importance of visiting our squares. For this reason, we began this journey full of emotion and hope, to create light in each community of Puerto Rico in difficult times”said Pepo Saltamontes, who for now has limited his visits to weekends due to school hours, but plans the summer period to expand his route.

With each visit, the singer and musician captures photos and videos of that town, particularly of its squares, with which he documents the process and offers important details of their respective stories, which he then publishes on his You Tube channel. In this adventure, Pepo travels with Víctor Vergara, who has been his companion throughout the process.

“I take the guitar and I sit in a corner, on a bench. You know that there is always space in the square and I locate myself in a place that people often visit to drink fresh air or socialize. I sit down and if there are people nearby, I introduce myself and tell them the purpose of my visit to the town. I explain to them who I am and I talk to them about my original music, and then I play the song that I have in promotion”, he stressed while explaining that the dynamic varies depending on how crowded or not each square is, so it can take approximately 40 minutes. at one hour

Through his social networks, Pepe Grasshopper takes the opportunity to announce the towns he is going to visit over the weekend, so that the word spreads and this meeting with the citizens can take place.

“The base of my music is in Spanish, let’s say a Latin pop rock, but sometimes we look for musical influences from other genres and combine them, whether they are a little more American rock, or a little bit of jazz or native Puerto Rican rhythms. I like to reach as many audiences as possible, that’s why I try to make the lyrics and music pleasing to the ears of any audience, who can listen to it from a five-year-old person to a 90-year-old person, “emphasized the young man 24 at the time who said he sometimes imparts a bit of humor to the lyrics to bring joy through his music.

Pepo Saltamontes’s next plan will be to launch his first record production, which would be available on the various digital music platforms.

“It’s already completely recorded, the only thing missing is the editing and ‘mastering’ process. I’m going to include a total of nine song tracks that we hope will be coming out in the summer of this year so people can hear a little bit more of my music.” said the artist, who added that music is another vehicle and a good tool to teach history, letting it influence the lyrics of the songs.

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