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Patricia Bullrich’s criticism of Together for the Exchange for Personal Property: ‘There was malpractice’

The president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, recalled the parliamentary session in which the ruling party, in a very tight way, won the vote on changes in Personal Property and called it “malpractice” of the leadership of the Together for Change bloc ( JxC).

In addition, about Gabriela Brouwer from Koning, a JxC deputy for Córdoba, who apologized this Thursday for having traveled to Disney with her family and having been absent, said that the national table of the political coalition should have “sanction mechanisms.”

Together for Change ended up losing a session that he convened, malpractice of our driving“, shot Bullrich in TN. Likewise, she clarified that she does not accuse anyone in particular because she also “could have been” in that place.

“It is absolutely objectionable that JxC deputies, when we did the campaign that we said we were seven deputies from Venezuela … and here we were at least two. They ended up raising taxes when we wanted to lower them“He continued with his analysis.

“It is also very important that one understands what the relationship of forces is like. It is something that the conductions of the blocks have to measure and they have to know how many votes they have to call a session,” estimated the former Minister of Security of the government of Mauritius. Macri.

“You cannot call a session where you happily say that you are going to lower taxes and, of course, Kirchnerism said ‘we raise the tax on the rich’ … What did the left do? It seems to me that we have to go more step by step“, he estimated.

Deputy Brouwer de Koning, who was absent from the session that approved the changes in Personal Property

In addition, he said that it was just a session in which the bloc had won in the discussion of the Budget, that everyone had come together to vote and that there it was necessary to say “we end here“.

“You won the game and you showed your voters that their vote was worth it. Now: Why did you want to score one more goal? We have to calm down. I don’t accuse anyone, because I could have been in that place. I am not accusing someone of malpractice, “he clarified.

And followed. “I say that JxC has a historical responsibility with 10 million citizens and others who see us and then choose. We have to organize ourselves, calm down and understand that citizens expect a lot from others. I do not want to accuse anyone,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, when asked about Gabriela Brouwer de Koning, a deputy who was absent for traveling to Disney, she said that it is important that the JxC national board have “sanction mechanisms.” “Tomorrow is one of the issues that must be discussed,” he said about a meeting that he will hold this Monday of the party’s national table.

“The individual decision of each one, in addition to what a block can do to you, is fundamental. Each one has to know that if he is elected deputy he has to sit there, from the beginning until the end of the session, holding out whatever of the session. It is like that, “he challenged the absent deputy from a distance.

The re-elections

Bullrich also spoke about the possibility that some of JxC may negotiate with the ruling party to deal with the law that limits the re-election of mayors in the province of Buenos Aires, sanctioned in 2016.

“It seems to me that two terms are reasonable, it is what there is in many places. What happened with this law is something that seems to me to be the first thing that should be repealed, which is the regulatory decree,” he explained.

He said the law was voted in 2016, but that the 2019 regulation imposed “a trap.” “20 mayors of Kirchnerism escaped and left to be re-elected. A confusing, cheating situation was generated. The regulation gave rise to that trap, “he stressed.

“They hid 20 mayors through this way out. I say that the first thing we have to do to make the law clear is that it is eight years in office. If not, anyone could resign for a few days and return. The first thing is to repeal the regulation “, he opined.

“If you at this time do not repeal that law, but leave that regulation, Kirchnerism is going to continue doing the fucking thing to leave. The issue is more complex. I am against reelection, “defined Bullrich.

Then he said that “there are many mayors who consider that the law cannot be retroactive, that it must be in force in 2019, because otherwise what is going to happen is that many are going to win it judicially, plus this trap that exists.”

And he concluded: “The table of Together for the Change of province, not the national one, has to make a decision and everyone must abide by it. It is the correct mechanism for a government coalition,” he concluded, on setting a single opinion on the matter.



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