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Patricia Bullrich said that she has ‘conditions’ to be president and was in favor of a dollarization of the economy

Patricia Bullrich participated this Tuesday in AmCham Summit 2022the event of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina, where she expressed her desire to be a candidate for president in the next elections and anticipated some measures that she would take if she eventually reaches the Casa Rosada.

Alejandro Fantino was the interviewer. As soon as he started he went straight to the bone and asked him if he saw himself as “presidential”, which aroused laughter from the audience.

“For the month of March we are going to define that,” the head of the PRO replied with a laugh. And she added: “I have conditions, I have the personality that is needed for Argentina.”

Bullrich defined that managing the country has to do with being encouraged to a “disruptive” change to change the populist model, and thus generate a competitive regime with productivity and the ability to limit the power of those who believe they are “the owners of Argentina.”

“I think there is a team and a program and a coalition that is here to govern. I am one of the pieces of that team, “he said. Although he acknowledged that the electoral times were brought forward and there is already talk of candidacies, he considered that this year they must face a construction to define proposals for the country.

Patricia Bullrich with Fantino at AmCham Summit 2022. Photo Capture

Along these lines, Bullrich highlighted his “historic” management at the head of the Ministry of Security of the Nation during the government of Cambiemos. According to the former official, her model lowered the homicide rate and included citizens and security forces.

During the talk at the Icon Hotel in Puerto Madero, he also assured that the economic and social areas are where the next administration will have to put emphasis on carrying out profound changes.

When asked about the national currency, she expressed the possibility of dollarizing the economy. “Today the weight does not exist. Dollarization is an irreversible process that generates a path, a path, in a society that needs to advance on its productivity and competitiveness,” he said.

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