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Patricia Bullrich pointed against the tire unionists: ‘What do you want, social plans?’

The president of the PRO recorded a message from the Firestone factory and criticized “the passivity of this government” and the “union mafias.”

The president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrichharshly criticized the members of the tire union (SUTNA), which maintains the blockade and camp in front of the factory gates after the failure of the hearing in the Ministry of Labor, where a salary agreement was negotiated without success.

What do you want, social plans?“, attacked the former Minister of Security, who went to the Firestone plant in Llavallol, on the border with Esteban Echeverría’s party, and recorded a forceful message that he spread through his social networks.

In the written message of the publication, which accumulates more than 8,000 likes and 3,000 retweets, he also fired at the “passivity of this government” and against “union mafias“: “The auto industry without covers! It is an incredible thing that is happening. Many people are going to be left without a job because of the passivity of this government in the face of the extortion of the union mafias.”

I’m here in front of the firestone factory, which is completely closed, like its international factory, which is called Bridgestone. This factory has been in Argentina for years,” contextualized the referent of Together for Change.

Then, he asked a rhetorical question: “Do you think that today we have three tire factories closedand the automotive industry and the Argentines without coverage, for not being able to reach an agreement, because there is a group of trade unionists who take things to the closure of the company and the sources of work?

“What trade unionist wants to be without workers? What do you want, social plans? More poverty? Fewer chances of living on a decent wage?

He then promised to work on a solution to the problem: “Honestly, both me and my team are going to change this. We are here to have a system in which unions and companies agree on things that are reasonable for both of them.”

Members of the tire union, SUTNA, this Monday in front of the Ministry of Labor. Photo Maxi Failla

“We cannot be in this situation where companies are closed for a intransigent group that the only thing it does is destroy the sources of work“, hill.

The negotiation failed and the tire unionists continue the blockade

In one room was the delegation of the tire union (SUTNA), headed by Alejandro Crespo, and in the other, the three lawyers from the business sector. Every so often a door would open and an official would call one of the parties to go to the office of the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni. After a while, another door opened and the meeting with the other party was repeated. There were 6 and a half hours of blind negotiations, without those involved seeing each other’s faces and without being able to reach a salary agreement.

The comings and goings on the 18th floor of the Alem headquarters lasted from 11 a.m. this Monday until 5:30 p.m. and left a postcard of the tensions that exist in the tire industry, where the Fate, Pirelli and Bridgestone remain paralyzed. Only in the afternoon, after the failure of the paritarias, Labor ended meeting number 34 and went to an intermediate room for this Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.. The union, meanwhile, decided continue the strike and camp in front of the factory gates.

The SUTNA union with Alejandro Crespo at the head marched to the Ministry of Labor.  Photo Maxi Failla.

The SUTNA union with Alejandro Crespo at the head marched to the Ministry of Labor. Photo Maxi Failla.

The jerks were stretched because the companies They asked the union to lift the protests in front of the gates to continue negotiating and the union demanded in exchange that they commit to bringing a proposal this Wednesday. “We want to negotiate, we are the workers, the ones who put the effort into the plant. We are reaching limits that do not correspond”, Crespo said from a lectern on a stage on Alem Avenue in front of the doors of the Ministry of Labor, at the exit of the hearing.

“There was no agreement between the parties and the government has failed to intercede for a settlement to be reached“, said sources from a tire manufacturer.

The negotiation originated from the joint venture that runs from June 2021 to July 2022 and the claim for an additional amount for overtime on the weekend. In that period, 50% was already agreed, but inflation exceeded 71%.

The companies offered a raise to complete 66% and, at the time, a non-remunerated bonus for overtime, which they later withdrew from the negotiation. SUTNA is calling for a salary increase of five points above inflation, along with overtime pay at 200%, instead of the current 100%.


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