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Patricia Bullrich goes out to tour the province of Buenos Aires, with the endorsement of Mauricio Macri

Patricia Bullrich will start this Monday a tour of the Coast and cities of the interior of Buenos Aires. Accompanied by leaders of her sector and references from other fields, the head of the PRO will seek make foot in the most populous district of the country with an eye on the political construction for 2023.

Bullrich will start with Chascomús and then plans visit 13 locations, such as General Lavalle, San Bernardo, Mar de Ajó, General Madariaga, Villa Gesell, Miramar and Balcarce, among others.

In Pinamar, he will share activities with Mayor Martín Yeza and a meeting with Santiago Kovadloff. In other places it will be with Maximilian War, the doctor Carlos Kambourian and with the mayors Guillermo Montenegro in Mar del Plata and Javier Iguacel in Capitan Sarmiento.

Diego Santilli, Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, last year, during a campaign activity in the Province.

Hernán Lombardi, a leader who responds to Mauricio Macri, will also participate in part of the tours.

The ex-president promotes the construction of Bullrich with the purpose that the PRO reaches 2023 with more than one option and “that there is a competitive internal” to which other radical candidates could join. Macri himself does not rule out running again, although in recent weeks he has distanced himself from that possibility.

Differences with Larreta

“Patricia’s leadership comes from the bottom up”, opposed leaders of their sector to the armed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, with whom the head of the PRO exposes their differences on the position against the Casa Rosada and the search for agreements to expand Together for Change.

“There are diversity of looks regarding the relationship with the government. It doesn’t create stress for me. Upside down. It is a healthy competition to see what is the idea, the form, the character, the attitude that the parties and the leaders of Together for Change should have,” Bullrich said in an interview with Clarion.

And he added: “I consider that one of the most important things that are going to be discussed and are being discussed is that. attitude and courage a disruptive change or a more corporate, consensual change, which in my view is continuity”.

In a meeting this weekend with businessmen in Punta del Este, the head of the PRO sent a message to the same effect. “You have to have the enough ovaries to implement the economic direction and promote the change, the reforms and the orientation to which Argentina has to go. That can not be done with lukewarm”, he assured.

Unlike Rodríguez Larreta, Bullrich shows tune with the libertarians.

Deputy Gerard Milman, from his sector, presented projects with Javier Milei and José Luis Espert, which generated discussion in Together for Change. The former Minister of Security spoke about the issue in a meeting with Gerardo Morales, after the crosses over the position with the Government about the meeting with Martín Guzmán over the negotiations with the IMF.

After that meeting, Milman presented a request for impeachment to the ministers Wado de Pedro and Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta for the visit to Milagro Sala, with the endorsement of Morales and the signature of the radical Jujuy Jorge Rizzotti.

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