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Patricia Bullrich fears that the GBA bosses will use her device to steal her tickets and benefit Horacio Rodríguez Larreta


The former minister is convinced that it is convenient for Massa that she lose the internship. She suspects that the mayors of the Conurbano could order her leaders to harm her on the Sunday of the vote.

The story is more or less like this: there are more and more political analysts who believe that it is convenient for Kirchnerism that they do not win within the Juntos por el Cambio Patricia Bullrich. A reflection that many, although not all, share in Unión por la Patria. The presumption is that in October to Horacio Rodriguez Larreta It could cost more to add the votes that the former minister leaves in the STEP.

javier milei It was always clear to him that, although remote, his chances of reaching the ballotage are conditional on Bullrich staying on the road, as he always believed would happen. The not improbable possibility that the loser is Larreta, would explain the sudden turn in his campaign to attack Bullrich. With her off the field, the strategy to seduce her voters will be seen later.

In the GBA, almost everyone agrees that the real phenomenon in this election he stopped being Milei: he is Bullrich. The communal leaders of Peronism do not hide her surprise at the drag generated by the figure of the former minister, with a peculiarity: her image penetrates all social sectors.

The apparatus of Peronism in the Conurbano passes basically through the power that the mayors give to the political leaders.

“Almost all the media and analysts continue to insist that Milei represents the newest factor in the current political situation. They are wrong. What Patricia generates is impressive. The growth and consolidation of it is something extraordinary. With a characteristic that she is very difficult to achieve in politics: she achieves support both in the wealthy and middle classes as well as in the most vulnerable sectors, “she admits to Clarion a Peronist mayor who loves measurements.

When the other leaders of the PJ, both from the Third Section and, above all, from the First, are asked about the inmate of Cambiemos, the answer is unison: Bullrich beats Larreta and by a good difference. Even three candidates for mayor that the Head of Government has in the Conurbano, admit before Clarion that one week from the STEP they see the former minister as the winner.

Bullrich’s advantage over Larreta in some communes in the North zone would even put at risk the power of the Cambiemos mayors who are playing with the mayor of the City. An example would be San Isidro, where even with a brand like that of the Posse, which has always been supported in the elections, this time it would be facing its greatest challenge since many see that in that commune there would be a considerable advantage for the President in favor of the former minister.

These forecasts are (obviously) rejected by Larretismo, although not so much by Santilli who is perceived several points above the leader of his ballot. Even so, they recognize that since the first months of this year the Buenos Aires boss has not stopped deflating, a fall that they also assure stopped in July and that it even recovered a bit.

The heads of the GBA are surprised by the drag that the figure of Patricia Bullrich is having in their municipalities.  They predict that the former minister will win the internship against Rodríguez Larreta.

The heads of the GBA are surprised by the drag that the figure of Patricia Bullrich is having in their municipalities. They predict that the former minister will win the internship against Rodríguez Larreta.

In Bullrich’s team they are clear that Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa want her see loser next Sunday. That is why they fear that the powerful bosses of the Conurbano will use the well-oiled municipal apparatus to harm it.

How? Sort pointers that steal Bullrich’s ballots in the dark room so that the neighbors do not find his list, a trick older than the cockade and that many doubt its effectiveness.

There is only one way to combat ticket theft: to achieve the largest number of prosecutors possible for them to control and replenish each time they are missing. Although Bullrich’s team assures that they have all the necessary prosecutors, they admit that the risk is always there, especially in the schools in the neighborhoods of the Segundo Cordón of Greater Buenos Aires where the leaders tend to operate freely.

Bullrich and Larreta are even for the PASO.

Bullrich and Larreta are even for the PASO.

Perhaps thinking about how to face the apparatus of the suburban mayors, Bullrich leaned towards Néstor Grindetti as his candidate for Governor, pondering his experience of two consecutive terms in Lanús, where he won and even managed to stay with part of the structure of the PJ that the former mayor Manuel Quindimil had left.

Another of the key figures that Bullrich counts for avoid harm of the Peronist leaders is Cristian Ritondo. The former Buenos Aires security minister, also a Peronist, knows like few in the opposition how the system of communal chiefs works, he has even managed to establish a close relationship with many of them.

Although the answer falls from mature, this newspaper asked three heads of the GBA if they plan to influence the Cambiemos internal harming Bullrich. “Quite quilombo we have for that. I understand that because of your work you have to ask me that question. What do you want to tell you? Bullrich is more of a rogue than we thought: he is using as one more tool in his campaign that supposed revealed truth that we mayors have so much power to make it lose. It’s an obvious device that we handle, but even if you don’t believe me, it hasn’t been used for these tricks for a long time,” answers a boss with several mandates who is usually pointed out as one of the most well-oiled of the municipal apparatus.


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