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Patricia Bullrich completes the saga of activities with larretistas and adds María Eugenia Vidal to the campaign

Patricia Bullrich started the week in Jujuy with Gerardo Morales, the radical who shared the formula with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and had participated in an event with Sergio Massa in Salta the day before. Also to clear up suspicions, she continued with the head of the Buenos Aires government, her rival within the Together for Change, with a motorhome tour of the suburbs. The next to join the campaign will be Maria Eugenia Vidalthe former Buenos Aires governor who ten before the PASO generated noise in the PRO when she spoke out in favor of the defeated on August 13.

After the primaries, Bullrich and Vidal spoke to recompose – from Mauricio Macri to Juan Pablo Arenaza crossed it when he supported Rodríguez Larreta – and agreed on a joint activity for the next few days.

The deputy will get on the “Patoneta” next Thursday, in Mar del Plata. He was also scheduled to attend a meeting of women from the Third Electoral Section this Saturday, in Adrogué, although last night his team did not confirm it.

Vidal made some appearances in the campaign after the PASO – he appeared in Paraná with the candidate for mayor Emmanuel Gainza and this Friday he will be in the City with the candidate for vice president of Buenos Aires Clara Muzzio -, although so far he has not coincided with Bullrich.

“We have to tell the Argentines, many of those who voted for us in 2015, 2019 and 2021, that we continue to be that space capable of fighting with concrete proposals, with teams, and that Argentina is in a very painful situation where We can neither jump into the void nor continue tolerating stories“, Vidal aligned his speech with Bullrich’s strategy, praised him for “the experience of having confronted drug trafficking and mafias” and questioned Javier Milei for his proposals in education and security.

As he told Clarionone of the purposes of Together for Change will be target women’s vote based on the rejection of a good part of that segment of the positions and style of the liberal candidate, according to the analysis by the Bullrich campaign team. For this objective, the candidate for president presented Silvia Lospennato as spokesperson, also on the side of Rodríguez Larreta in the internal party.

Milei’s proposals generate uncertainty: what is going to happen to public schools, the free carrying of weapons, a chaotic panorama. We propose a predictable and orderly change,” they defined the strategy for that segment, and Vidal focused on those axes in his statements.

“La Libertad Avanza proposes a voucher system, Milei has proposed that education does not have to be mandatory. We do not share that, because education precisely gives you freedom to choose. Without education you are not free”, he contrasted. “In another case it raises the Free carrying of weapons without any type of regulation. “I don’t want to tell citizens that their safety depends on them having a weapon in the house, I want to tell them that they are going to have a security system, a trained police force to defend them,” the deputy questioned about the other point.

With the series of activities with Rodríguez Larreta, Morales and Vidal, Bullrich seeks secure votes for your rival in the PASO, something for which there was uncertainty due to the escalation of crosses in the run-up to August 13 and in recent days they tried to clear it up. “Most of it is already here, and we are going to have all of them. They are playing well and they are going to push their candidates who were left on the lists, even for a matter of survival,” estimated a member of the Bullrich board.

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