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Paris 2024: a “postcard setting” for the routes of the Olympic and Paralympic Games triathlons

To visit Paris as a tourist, the double-decker bus is a safe bet. In the summer of 2024, there will be another way to discover some of the capital’s treasures: take part in one of the triathlons whose routes were revealed on Thursday 27 April by the Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games ( Cojop).

Pont Alexandre-III, Grand Palais, Avenue Montaigne, Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, Musée d’Orsay… Tony Estanguet, the boss of the Cojop, qualifies as “postcard decor” the framework in which the triathletes will evolve on July 30 and 31, 2024, respectively for the men’s and women’s Olympic events, on August 5, 2024, during the mixed relay, then the 1er and September 2, 2024, during the Paralympic Games.

“Spectacular” And “demanding”according to the former canoe champion, these courses are concentrated in the center of Paris, including for the swimming part, which will take place in the Seine, downstream from the Alexandre-III bridge. “This is the first time that an Olympic triathlon has been organized in a river”he points out.

By diving into the Seine, at 8 am, the 110 participants (55 women and 55 men) in the individual Olympic races will first benefit from the current of the Seine, but will have to fight against it to complete 1.5 kilometers of swimming. They will then have to climb the 32 steps leading to the Alexandre-III bridge, where they will climb on their bike to continue with 40 kilometers of cycling race (a loop of 5.715 kilometers in inner Paris to be covered seven times). Then the triathletes will tackle 10 kilometers of running: a 2.5 kilometer route, still in the heart of the capital, to be completed four times.

Swimming in the Seine

During the mixed relay, the 16 to 20 national teams involved will compete on a more condensed course. Each of the four triathletes selected by country (two women and two men) will have to swallow 300 meters of swimming, 6 kilometers of cycling, and 2 kilometers of running as quickly as possible. Men and women will run alternately, the latter having the honor of completing the race and therefore, for the best, the privilege of crossing the line as new Olympic medalists. The Paralympic triathlons will consist of a sequence, in the same sectors of Paris, of 750 meters of para-swimming, 20 kilometers of para-cycling and 5 kilometers of running.

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That the swimming part takes place in the Seine constitutes “a strong marker”, according to Pierre Rabadan, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of sport, the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Developing bathing areas in the river is one of the “legacy” which the capital wishes to benefit from after the high mass in the summer of 2024.

As part of the presentation of the triathlon routes, Mr. Rabadan presented the visuals “non-contractual” bathing areas that the City plans to open to the public in 2025, Quai de Grenelle, downstream from the Eiffel Tower, and further east, near the Bibiblothèque François-Mitterrand.

“Several tens of thousands of spectators”

For each of these events, 3,000 paid places are offered – the second phase of ticket sales begins on May 11. In detail: a 1,000-seat grandstand will be located at the start and finish area, Pont Alexandre-III; another, accommodating 2,000 people, will be installed at the level of the Champs-Elysées bridge.

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The subject is sensitive for the Cojop: the first phase of ticket sales, at the beginning of 2023, having been marked by the discontent of potential spectators, cooled by the obligation to acquire places – often expensive – by multiples of three. This distribution by pack has made the bill very steep – even unaffordable – for those wishing to treat themselves to a little piece of the “Olympic dream”.

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As with the other road events, it will also be possible to watch the triathletes pass free of charge along the course in the streets of Paris. “We expect there to be several tens of thousands of spectators”, says Tony Estanguet. Free access to a Games competition is, in fact, a fairly rare opportunity that could be of interest to many spectators.


“Paris 2024”

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Convinced and hesitant alike will be able to get an idea of ​​the sporting spectacle to come this summer with the organisation, between August 17 and 20, of a triathlon test event on the future Games route.

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