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Parents were informed about the teaching process of the school –

Ambala city, March 24 (HP)

Today, a Parents Orientation Program was organized in the auditorium of Police DAV Public School. It was organized for the new children and parents who are going to be a part of DAV with the beginning of the new session. Its objective was to make new parents aware of the teaching process of the school. School Principal Dr. Vikas Kohli told the parents about the Art of Parenting that parents play the most important role in the overall development of their child. Only the right guidance of parents develops the character of the child.

In this program, child and pediatric specialist Dr. HS Sabharwal discussed with the parents the habits of small children and special things related to their upbringing and gave them some important information, like small children should get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Should take sleep. He said that nutritious food should be taken for breakfast in the morning. Children should be kept away from junk food these days. Keep children away from the habit of mobile and TV screens. To protect them from diseases, they should get all the injections on time and he told wise words about the rules of learning for children. School Coordinator Madhu Mata gave important information to the parents about the new curriculum guidelines and the pattern of teaching children in DAV. In this, parents were informed about the school’s curriculum, activities, fee details, children’s regular uniform and house uniform. Parents were explained in detail about the school’s activity calendar, study patterns, hygiene and children’s health. About 400 parents participated in the program.

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