Friday, September 29, 2023
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Panic on the streets of Washington DC, panic due to firing, people were seen running to escape


Washington DC The atmosphere of fear and anarchy on the streets of the city was captured on video. This video clip has been posted on Twitter by the police union National Fraternal Order of Police in America. The video begins on a congested street where several police vehicles and cops in uniform are seen.


In the video, the sound of four shots being fired is heard and people are seen running to save their lives in panic. The video then shows a corner where police officers are monitoring their injured colleague.

Significantly, due to the firing today, a teenager was allegedly killed and several others including a police officer were injured.

“Three civilians – two adults and a juvenile – were shot. A police officer was also shot. The police officer and two victims are recovering in the hospital. It appears that one of the victims has died. ,” Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert J. Conti said at a briefing.

According to the Fox News report, the shooting took place during Mochela. Mochela is known as “the advocacy festival promoting the culture of Washington DC”.

Incidents of gun violence are happening again and again in America. In the wake of these incidents, President Joe Biden has said that to protect children and families, the country needs to make strict rules for keeping arms.

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