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Panic of ‘Florona’ in Israel, fourth dose being given amid new disease related to corona

Corona cases are increasing again in Israel

Tel Aviv:

Israel Florona 1st Case: Against Corona Most vaccinations in the world The new disaster has spread panic in Israel, which is one of the countries involved. Now the first case of Florona has been found in Israel, due to which health agencies have become alert. Florona is an infection of both the corona and the influenza that plagues every winter season. Even though the first front of it has been found in Israel, but agencies have taken it seriously. People in Israel are being given the fourth vaccine of Corona. People whose immunity is considered weak, they are being given this fourth dose of Covid-19.


Although in Israel, the cases of Covid are still increasing. Arab News has given this information by tweeting. According to Time of Israel News, Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Health Nashman Ash said that this fourth booster dose has been allowed to people with weak immunity amid the increasing threat of Omicron. But it will be given to only those people who have been given the third dose for at least four months.

Ash has also allowed this fourth vaccine in elderly care centers. This is being done because many cases of such infection have been reported in these centres. Therefore, this step has been taken to prevent the spread of infection and to protect the health of the people. Talking about the latest figures of Israel, on Thursday, about 5 thousand cases were found in the country.


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