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Pakistan summons Indian embassy in-charge over Karnataka hijab controversy

Pakistan summons the embassy in-charge of India over the hijab controversy (symbolic photo)


Hijab Row: Pakistan has summoned the Indian Charge d’Affaires in the Ministry of External Affairs here and in Karnataka. Muslim girl students banned from wearing hijab The serious concern of the government has been conveyed regarding this. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement late on Wednesday that the Indian diplomat was apprised of Pakistan’s deep concern over alleged religious intolerance, negative stereotypes, stigma and discrimination against Muslims in India. It was given that the Government of India should fix accountability of the perpetrators of atrocities against women in Karnataka and take adequate measures to ensure the safety of Muslim women.


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This statement was issued by the Ministry of External Affairs after several ministers of Pakistan expressed concern about the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said that denial of education to Muslim girls is a gross violation of fundamental human rights. Similarly, Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Hussain said that what is going on in India is appalling. He tweeted, “Indian society is deteriorating at a rapid pace under unstable leadership. Wearing hijab is a personal choice like any other garment, citizens should be given freedom to do so.

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Reacting to the statement of Pakistani ministers, India’s Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that any institution’s “Dress Code (Apparel Manual), Discipline (Discipline), Decorum Decision (Decision to Maintain Dignity)” should be treated as communal. Painting is a conspiracy against India’s inclusive culture. Naqvi also said, “Pakistan, which has become a forest of crime and atrocities on minorities in its country, is giving us knowledge on tolerance and secularism. In Pakistan, the socio-educational-religious rights of minorities are being trampled down brazenly. On coming to classes wearing the hijab, she was asked to leave the campus, sparking a major controversy and protests across the state. In response, Hindu students also started protesting by wearing saffron shawls.

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