Monday, October 2, 2023
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Pakistan sacks TV anchor, protests against Israel’s visit

Israel has come under severe criticism over the issue of Muslim-majority Palestine in Pakistan (File Photo)

Islamabad :

Pakistan The government has arrested an anchor associated with a government television channel. Israel He was sacked on Monday after heavy protests over his visit to the U.S. and meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. The anchor was part of the delegation that visited Israel. Although the visit was not official, many radical leaders and right-wing groups reacted sharply to it.


Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb said that Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) anchor Ahmed Qureshi has been sacked. He was part of a Pakistani-American delegation to visit Israel this month.

The government TV channel quoted the minister as saying, “The PTV anchor has been sacked. He went on a personal visit.

PTV has also shared a policy statement of Maryam, in which she said that there has been no change in Pakistan’s policy regarding Israel.

Pakistan has not yet recognized Israel on the issue of Muslim-majority Palestine. And Pakistan has been continuously criticizing Jewish Israel on the issue of Palestine.

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