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Pakistan on the verge of poverty, World Bank warns – one crore people may go below the poverty line


The World Bank has said that the economic situation of Pakistan is deteriorating. He has warned that more than one crore people may go below the poverty line in the country facing cash crisis. This apprehension of the World Bank is based on the slow economic growth rate of 1.8 percent along with rising inflation which has reached 26 percent in the current financial year.

The World Bank, in its half-yearly report on Pakistan’s growth outlook, indicated that the country may miss achieving almost all key macroeconomic targets.

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The report says that Pakistan may fall short of its primary budget target. He may remain in loss for three consecutive years. This is contrary to the conditions of the International Monetary Fund. The Monetary Fund has essentially maintained a condition of surplus.

Syed Murtaza Muzaffari, lead author of the report, said that although the revival is widespread, it is still in its early stages. The efforts being made to eradicate poverty are not enough.

It said that economic growth is expected to remain stable at a modest 1.8 percent. At the same time, about 9.8 crore Pakistanis are already below the poverty line. With this the poverty rate remains at around 40 percent.

The report highlights the risk of people living just above the poverty line falling below it. Under this, one crore people are at risk of falling below the poverty line.

The World Bank said the poor and marginalized people are likely to benefit from windfall gains in agricultural production. But these gains will be offset by persistently high inflation and limited wage growth in high-employment sectors like construction, trade and transportation.

The report said that during the first quarter of this financial year, wages of daily wage laborers increased by only five percent while inflation was above 30 percent.

The World Bank warned that there is a possibility of increase in the number of children not going to school due to rising cost of living along with rising transportation costs. Also, this may cause delay in treatment in case of illness for the families who are somehow surviving.

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