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Pakistan is increasing military capability with the help of China, will include JF-17 fighter aircraft in the Air Force

Pakistan’s increasing military capability with the help of China

Islamabad :

China (China) in collaboration with Pakistan(Pakistan) is continuously strengthening its military and strategic capability. In order to increase its strength, the Pakistan Air Force will induct a new model of JF-17 Thunder fighter jets in its fleet by the end of next month, which Pakistan has shared with China. have developed. This information was given by the top defense officer of Pakistan. A Pakistan Air Force spokesman said on Tuesday that the next generation ‘JF-17 Thunder Block-3’ aircraft will take part in a “fly-past” on the occasion of the military parade to be held on March 23. He told that these aircraft are the latest version of this series and their flight tests have been completed.


Earlier, China handed over the first Type 054 warship to Pakistan. It is technically quite advanced and has the capability of hitting surface-to-surface, surface-to-air and underwater. Apart from this, the ability to monitor it while dodging any radar was also said to be excellent. That warship has a state-of-the-art war management system, due to which it will increase the capability of the Pakistani Navy manifold. This can create problems for India.

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Recently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan reached China on the occasion of the inauguration of the Winter Olympic Games. Where he also met President Xi Jinping. On this occasion, China and Pakistan again reiterated their commitment to each other.

In the last few years, China and Pakistan have come together on many fronts and Pakistan’s military force is getting help from China. China is not only helping Pakistan to increase its military strength, but China is also announcing plans to increase space cooperation with Islamabad, including building a space station for Pakistan and launching more satellites for it. has done.

Pakistan has been mentioned several times in the white paper titled ‘China’s Space Programme: 2021 Perspectives’. It has been issued by the State Council or the Central Cabinet. In this, plans for future expansion have been outlined for China’s growing space industry. China has successfully completed its mission to the Moon and Mars.


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