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Pakistan: Imran Khan shares details of ‘foreign conspiracy letter’ with ministers, journalists

On March 27, Imran waving the purported letter at a public rally announced that a foreign conspiracy had been hatched to oust him from power. Prime Minister Imran referred to the opposition’s no-confidence motion against him, saying it was an example of foreign-funded ploy to topple his government.

Earlier, several opposition leaders had pressurized Imran to reveal the details of the letter. The opposition had criticized the letter, saying that the government was doing so as an attempt to bypass pressure and stay in power.

A special cabinet meeting was held under the chairmanship of Imran Khan on Wednesday. In this, Imran first took the cabinet into confidence regarding the letter. During this, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi informed the participants about this.

After this, the Prime Minister held a meeting with the journalists and informed them about it. ARY news channel said that this letter is based on the meeting of Pakistani Embassy officials with the officials of the host country.

The details of the meeting were sent to the Foreign Office by the Pakistani ambassador to that country. These details show that the host country was not happy with the policies of the Pakistan government regarding its relations with Ukraine and Russia.

“It has been written that if Prime Minister Imran Khan remains in power, relations with Pakistan will be affected,” the channel said, citing information given by Imran to journalists.

Imran said that the details of the letter have also been sent to the Takwar Military Establishment. Quoting the Prime Minister’s interaction with journalists, Geo News said that threatening language was used in the letter. According to Geo News, the no-confidence motion against the government was mentioned in the letter even before the no-confidence motion against the government in the National Assembly.

It is being told that Imran is planning a meeting with the National Security Committee and leaders regarding the letter and its impact.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan postponed his address to the proposed nation on Wednesday evening. PTI MP Faizal Javed Khan has confirmed this.

Pakistan’s Minister of State for Information Farooq Habib said that the plot to topple the government would fail. He said, “We will not accept slavery of any country and will not compromise on our independent foreign policy.” Habib said that this letter was received on March 7 last, a day before the no-confidence motion was moved. Voting is likely to be held on April 3 on the no-confidence motion brought against the Imran government in Pakistan.

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