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Pakistan dependent on every grain, will it overcome the economic crisis by imposing martial law?

Pakistan is beset by a serious economic crisis.

New Delhi :

A new confrontation is visible between the government and the Supreme Court in Pakistan. Pakistan The National Assembly of Pakistan has rejected the order of the Supreme Court to hold early elections in the two states of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Election Commission was talking about holding elections there in October. The Supreme Court said that the elections would be held on May 14. But the National Assembly there passed a resolution against it.

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This is a new page of Pakistan’s political crisis. There, all the organizations seem to be clashing with each other. Judge versus Judge is going on in the Supreme Court. Government vs Supreme Court, Army vs Supreme Court and Imran vs Army. now about the election Supreme Court and Govt. are face to face.

In fact, this conflict is not only between the Supreme Court and the government, it is also between the PML Nawaz party running the government and Imran’s Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf. This week, Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, appeared in a completely black box for the hearing. They are feeling so much danger on themselves. This is the same Imran Khan, to arrest whom the Pakistani police used a lot of force, but could not arrest. Only yesterday, Bilawal Bhutto of PPP expressed the apprehension that due to this, martial law may not come.

This situation of political conflict is when Pakistan bankrupt Looks to be on the verge of happening. The pictures coming from there point towards this fact. Hundreds of people are seen standing in queues for flour in the cities. In the month of Ramzan, we have to stand in such queues for hours. Yesterday, there was news of many people getting killed due to a stampede in one such queue in Karachi. This country of 22 crore population is facing severe shortage.

Economic statistics show that the inflation rate there crossed 35 percent last month. Food items have become costlier by 47.1% in cities and 50.2% in villages. Pakistan’s rupee has come down to 287 against the dollar. The price of petrol has already gone up to Rs 272 a month ago. The situation has worsened because the grant coming from outside has remained half.

The crisis is not only this, in the year 2019, Pakistan secured a loan of $6 billion from the World Monetary Fund. After the flood last year, the amount of one billion dollars was increased. But in November, the IMF put a stop to giving this money. Pakistan is trying its best to get this money. The surprising thing is that in spite of all this, the rulers of Pakistan have got the first consignment of war drones worth seven billion dollars from Turkey.

Pakistan is surrounded by a double front of political-economic crisis. Pakistan dependent on every grain is moving towards poverty. Will Pakistan be able to overcome its economic crisis by imposing martial law?

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