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Pablo Moyano’s warning prior to the Truckers’ joint negotiation: ‘The tire stoppage is going to be a bean’

“All the unions are reopening parity and surpassing 100%. We are going to be there too,” anticipated the unionist.

The triumvir of the CGT and referent of Truckers, Paul Moyanoreferred this Friday to the joint negotiation of the union and warned that “the stoppage of the tires is going to be a bean“compared to what truckers could do if they don’t come to an agreement.

“We have already collected 31% in advance and I hope that the entrepreneurs come with a serious, concrete proposalbecause if not, the stoppage of the tires is going to be a bean with the measure that Truckers are going to take,” Moyano stressed.

Speaking to the press at the door of the union he drives, the trade unionist stressed: “We were essential in the pandemic and we want it to be recognized in salary.”

“All the guilds are reopening parity and exceeding 100%. We will be there too“, emphasized the referent of Truckers.

In addition, the trade unionist detailed in dialogue with C5N that from the union that leads they will ask for “a significant increase” for the workers. “I hope that the businessmen understand the legitimacy of the claim, taking into account that the transport activity was essential in the pandemic,” he indicated.

“We were essential in the pandemic and we want it to be recognized in salary,” said Pablo Moyano. Photo File Clarin

Regarding the implementation of a fixed sum to alleviate the effects of inflation, Moyano specified: “Some unions have the possibility of discussing and agreeing on some more important salaries. That is why we have ratified the President [Alberto Fernández] that you have to give a fixed sum for at least 3 months in a row or a bonus for those unions that have lower salaries and cannot cover the basic food basket”.

“The President fully agreed [con el pedido]. She was waiting for [el ministro de Economía Sergio] Massa returned from the United States tour and to present the Budget. I’m not going to be asking for the same thing for 3 years,” she pointed out.

Along these lines, the trade unionist stated: “We put this to the President and surely in the next few days we will ask for a new meeting to see what happens. I hope that the President will make an important announcement for the workers in the coming days“.

Finally, he affirmed that “at no time was there the possibility” that he would abandon the leadership of the CGT. “Nothing happened. It’s like everywhere, differences exist. The CGT has to be on the side of the workers. There are going to be differences, but from there until one leaves… That’s not going to happen“, he sentenced.

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