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Pablo Alborán and Marc Seguí let themselves go with “Mariposas”

Pablo Alborán and Marc Segui can boast of feeling a flutter in the stomach for their most recent musical release.

“Butterflies” is the title of the song they released last weekend. It arose at the initiative of Seguí, who had been following Alborán on social networks for some time.

“I started the idea with Andrés Goiburu and Carlos Ares, who are the producers of the song,” Seguí said in a recent interview by video call from Coruña. “It occurred to us to send it to Pablo and it was like that, natural, the music basically spoke”.

This is the first song they do together and, according to Alborán, “hit the spot” Well, he liked it immediately.

“I like Marc’s music, I think it is very personal and very powerful,” he said from Madrid in the interview conducted together. “I loved being able to participate, I loved the generosity they had so that I could write my part and make it mine too. “I think it had to be this song.”

the letter of “Butterflies” talks about the magical moment of meeting someone interestingsaid Seguí.

“From what I’m reading, people get butterflies listening to the song, so great,” he added.

The video, in which they appear in a kind of play with colorful costumes that include oversized sneakers and extra long sleeves, also has butterflies and a pink upholstered piano. It was filmed in a Madrid studio on a hot July day without knowing there would be some unexpected drama.

“It almost burned down because there was a small fire,” Alborán said.

“We survived; There was a moment when we were about to run away,” Seguí noted.

For Alborán it was a pleasure to delve into the striking universe of Seguí’s videos, whose previous releases include “5 Estrellas”, “Plaza en el cielo” and “Agua salada”.

“There is always that risk that when you enter the world of another artist, you have the feeling that you have to change, and in this case it has been very easy because the only thing in Marc’s world is a lot of artistic freedom,” he said. Alboran. “I could have been me in a world that a priori seems to be a world completely different from mine… But it’s not, we’re both equally crazy, so very cool!”

Seguí, who is 25 years old, is also an admirer of Alborán’s art, which he has listened to since before he began his own musical career.

“Sometimes I stop to think about it and what I’m experiencing is like I don’t know if I’m going to get up at some point; It’s very strong,” she said. “Literally three years ago I released my first song and now all this is happening to me; And it’s incredible, that Pablo is on one of my songs, it’s epic.”.

In Seguí’s family there are other music lovers, his grandparents sing in a choir. In her case, she did not study formally, it all started at a party when a boy took out a guitar and Seguí started singing. Someone recorded them, they uploaded the video to the internet and it went viral.

But he saw turning professional as impossible, until a friend taught him how to create songs in a structured way.

“The truth is that in three years I have learned a lot, both as a person, as in music, as in everything,” said Seguí, who recently toured Latin America and is about to begin his second tour of Spain in October. “I am super happy and super excited.”

Alborán is also about to take the suitcase. In his case, he will perform in concert in Mexico in October and will arrive in cities that he will visit for the first time such as Aguascalientes, Mérida, San Luis Potosí and Torreón. It will also have two concerts at the National Auditorium in the capital.

“For me, Mexico is my second home; It is my motivation, because every time I go there, the public reminds me… why I love my job, why I love music,” she said. “I really, really want the time to come, for us to see each other, hug each other, sing, dance and do whatever they want, because in my concerts they can do whatever they want.”

Then he will continue his tour through Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. “We’re going to be non-stop,” she said.

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