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‘Our doors are open’: BMV explains the reason for Aeroméxico’s delisting

The general director of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), José Oriol Bosch, affirmed that the eventual delisting of Aeroméxico responds to particular issues of the company that carries out a restructuring process.

At the end of the 11th Issuers Forum, the director declared that Aeroméxico uses other stock products, so “hopefully it will be temporary (the delisting) and the doors are open again”, he pointed.

In a notice published on the BMV, Aeroméxico called an Extraordinary General Assembly of Shareholders in order to put on the table a possible exit from the stock market related to its Joint Restructuring Plan. This will take place on June 27.

Oriol Bosch added that, although they do not like this type of situation to occur, theyunlisting is something natural What happens in all markets?

“In some cases they have been for the interests of the shareholders, for the valuation, etc. In this case it is part of a restructuring”, he indicated.

He rejected that the exit of companies changes any objective of the Stock Exchange and recalled that his duty is to attract new participants, but some will always enter and others leave.

“There will be mergers, delisting… What we have to do is the number always adds up and is greater“, said.

By the way, he stressed that, given a scenario of low growth in the Mexican economy and the valuation of companies, they do not expect to see any company in the capital market in the coming months. “Hopefully we have a surprise on the positive side,” she concluded.

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