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Otto Oppenheimer will debut this afternoon on “Telenoticias 4PM”

Telemundo Puerto Rico will welcome you -officially- to Otto Oppenheimer, who will join from today as a collaborator of “Telenoticias 4PM”. As announced, the technology expert will be part of the Channel 2 Telemundo team of professionals.

The communicator has been in the media for more than 40 years. He has developed in various disciplines in the field of television and radio. His start was as a producer on well-known entertainment, political analysis and news shows.

Although Oppenheimer has focused on reporting on technology, his true calling and inspiration is communication and education. His first college years began in the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, where he studied Engineering. The basic advice of this discipline, mixed with the communication concepts that he learned later in his university career, have placed him in an ideal position to transmit information that for many can be very complex.

Currently, the communicator works as a technology collaborator in NotiUno Y Salsoul. It also has its own television studio that is dedicated to the production of commercials and specialized explanatory videos.

“Like a child with a new toy at Christmas, that’s how I feel. Arriving at Telemundo has been an extraordinary experience and the main reason is the treatment and the good people I have met. I came to Telemundo because I couldn’t say no to a friend, so I accepted the invitation from José Cancela, president of the channel, to be part of the Telemundo family. With the support of our public this will be an incredible adventure. We are going to do our best to make content that our people love.” Oppenheimer expressed on May 31, when the official announcement of his jump to Telemundo was made.

José Cancela, president of Channel 2, for his part, maintained: “Everything one thinks of Otto is true, which is not always the case. What you see is not always what it is. In Otto’s case, what you see is what it is. A human being dedicated to his profession, to his family… A human being that many know about him on screen, but Otto’s career comes from a time of production. Otto has a keen eye for a screen like few other talents do. And I say ‘talents’ in the good sense of the word,” he stated.

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