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Osvaldo Ríos, Toni Costa and Laura Bozzo threatened to leave “The House of Celebrities”

Strategies have already begun to be implemented within “The house of the famous” and the most popular figures received the highest number of nominations to enter the list of those threatened to leave the “reality” of Telemundo.

In this way, the interviewer Laura Bozzothe actor Osvaldo Rioscoach and dancer Tony Costa and the businesswoman Mayeli Alonso They make up the quartet of participants who are at the mercy of the public’s votes, after their peers nominated them to leave the competition.

Without wasting time, a message was published on the Puerto Rican actor’s social networks calling on the public to vote for the other nominees. In the publication it is clarified that one does not vote for Ríos but for the others, since the one who obtains the most votes is the one who abandons the contest.

Yesterday Telemundo premiered a Sunday edition of “The House of Celebrities” for viewers eager to learn more about what happens in the coexistence between this group of Latin American celebrities.

In this Sunday edition, the audience can witness the moment when one of the nominees is saved by the vote of his peers under the new house rule. Each Sunday, an inhabitant will also take viewers on a tour of the most moving events in his story on the “Curve of Life.”

“The House of the Famous” opens a window into the most intimate moments of celebrities, offering viewers an unfiltered multi-platform experience through linear transmission and exclusive access 24/7 live on

This format led by Sandarti and Jimena Gállego, has more than 60 hidden cameras and 60 microphones that capture the movements of celebrities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while they eat, sleep, share bathrooms, have intimate conversations and face menial tasks, nomination challenges and elimination ceremonies.

This second season is made up of Osvaldo Ríos, Toni Costa, Natalia Alcocer, Mayeli Alonso, Laura Bozzo, Luis “Potro” Caballero, Nacho Casano, Julia Gama, Niurka Marcos, Lewis Mendoza, Ivonne Montero, Daniella Navarro, Rafael Nieves, Eduardo Rodríguez. , Juan Vidal, Brenda Zambrano and Salvador Zerboni.

The former Miss Universe and Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado was the winner of the first edition.

Viewers can witness the alliances, dynamics, rivalries and romances that unfold as celebrity guests compete to take home the grand cash prize. Each week, the public vote will determine which celebrity will be eliminated, as well as selecting the favorite who will be the winner of $200.00 at the end of the competition.

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