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Oscarito Serrano harvests his family’s food on his own farm

Music is not the only universe in which the singer oscarito serrano find your creativity, clear your mind and develop ideas.

Four years ago he found in agriculture that other space to grow and literally sow a seed. The merenguero and his wife Milagros Marrero, after the devastation of Hurricane María, decided to get to know the land together through the organic planting of vegetables, fruits and vegetables with the aim of taking them directly to their table and in the long term be seed distributors for Puerto Rican farmers.

The farm they farm together is owned by the family of the mother-in-law of the interpreter of “Me muero por eso” in Cupey Alto, where Oscarito also grew up with his family. The farm is minutes from his parents’ residence, where he grew up with his brothers, fellow singers Héctor “Banchy” Serrano and Daniel Serrano.

The married couple of Oscarito and Milagros, who have been married for 35 years and parents of two adults (33 and 31 years old), entered agriculture due to the scarcity of food, fruits and vegetables after the destruction of Hurricane María. It was Milagros who first planted tomatoes in his house. Observing the harvest “that gave me so many tomatoes, I told Oscar we are going to start planting.”

The singer took his wife at her word and they looked for another farm to start their crops, but that business could not come to fruition and it was then that they began to prepare the land for the Milagros family where all the relatives have a share or benefit from the farms. crops.

“Oscar began to be more aware of planting, of having food at hand and that vision for the future. We went one day to look for compost for some bananas and they offered us the agroecology course and we said yes, thinking it was a week and it was six months. It was very good because that group teaches you to sow with what you have on the farm, ”explained Milagros, who also manages the administrative part of her husband’s career.

Oscarito with his wife Milagros Marrero. [email protected] (David Villafane/Staff)

Oscarito explained that since he was little he learned about agriculture through his grandparents, but it was not until four years ago with his hands that he understood that his family consumes nutritious, fresh food without pesticides from local crops.

“When our relatives learned that the business from the other farm did not take place, they told us that you are going to sow on this farm, because God has a purpose with you. We cleared the land and graduated in agroecology and we have already planted a lot of vegetables that are not in harvest now and others were damaged by Fiona’s rains, but let’s go again,” said Oscarito from the area of ​​the terraces that he prepares.

The area of ​​terraces that Oscarito works would prevent crops from being “damaged by weeds, lizards and other animals.”

November 18, 2022 the.  Singer.  Oscar Serrano.  better known.  Like. Little Oscar together.  To its.  Wife Milagros Marrero.  Peraza
November 18, 2022 the. Singer. Oscar Serrano. better known. Like. Little Oscar together. To its. Wife Milagros Marrero. Peraza [email protected] (David Villafane/Staff)

On the farm he has planted cassava, different kinds of sweet potatoes, plantains, yautías, papaya, corn, tomato, avocado, blueberries, jobos, guavas, china, lemons, grapefruit, chili peppers, and other fruits.

“Here we are going to plant different vegetables. Gherkin, lettuce, melons, carrots and we had already done it, but now we can control pests and better control crops. In the rest of the farm we have sugar cane, 65 different fruit trees, bananas, yautías, cassava, malanga, countless medicinal plants and we are cultivating them for the consumption of our entire family and with the idea in the future of distributing seeds to farmers”, said the singer who tries to dedicate himself to agriculture in combination with music during the week.

The time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the confinement allowed Oscarito to find a space on the farm to distract himself, release energy, seek inspiration and, in turn, contribute to local agriculture and sustainability. Planting is your process of “blossoming” from another dimension and feeling useful. Both he and Milagros and the rest of the family have strengthened the family bond with the development of a joint project.

The wife of the former member of Grupo Manía also has the cultivation of ornamental plants and edible flowers that they sold to different restaurants at one time, but with recent atmospheric events such as Hurricane Fiona, the cultivation was affected. An illness of a relative in turn stopped the couple’s work on the farm for a bit.

“I really love it here. Now we are in the process of clearing the land, but next year in the summer we are confident that there will be a good harvest here. Here the planting is organic. This is my therapy. I love it, my passion is still music, but this space of land inspires me, gives me the muse, allows me to create and get rid of everything. I can spend hours here, ”said the singer while he walked through the wet and muddy terrain, since it had rained before the visit of El Nuevo Día.

“This farm has saved us a lot, because Oscar no longer has to go to the psychologist. This is his therapy,” the merenguero’s wife said with a laugh.

The farm is located in Cupey Alto where the singer grew up.
The farm is located in Cupey Alto where the singer grew up. [email protected] (David Villafane/Staff)

The agroecology group comes together twice a year to help new farmers. In December, Oscarito and Milagros will receive help from them to make viable and improve the conditions of the land and the farm.

“In this same space, we set the tables to sow the seeds and work on them. It’s amazing how planting can change your life. Our recipe for maintaining the marriage has been first of all God as the center and then all these things that we do outside of the music business bring us closer together as a couple and as a family. We have always been very familiar and during the pandemic it was on the farm where we had the most time and the biggest harvests we achieved,” Milagros pointed out.

Lastly, Oscarito expressed that his recent single “Me muero por eso” has managed to spread in international markets, so he hopes that all the seeds that he sows in the next few months on his farm will have the same luck of reaching the table from a home in or outside of Puerto Rico.

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