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Oscar slaps ‘disciplinary action’ against Smith

Los Angeles, March 31 (agency)

Actor Will Smith is facing ‘disciplinary proceedings’ for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. After this incident the actor was asked to leave the award ceremony, but he refused to do so. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts has given this information.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy said on Wednesday that Smith violated its standards of conduct, including “inappropriate physical contact, abusing or intimidating” and “compromising the reputation of the Academy”. is included.’ In a statement issued after the board of governors meeting, the academy said the actor could face suspension, expulsion and other sanctions if the board decides to take action at its next meeting on April 18. Smith will also be given 15 days’ notice to present his case by giving a first written reply.

The academy said, ‘Things happened in a way that we could not have anticipated. We would like to clarify that while Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and he refused, we also believe that we could have handled the situation differently. The Academy has also apologized directly to Rock in a statement.

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