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Oral Cancer: Tobacco causes 13 different types of cancer in the body, know from experts four major causes of cancer

Causes of Cancer | What Causes Cancer?

Question- Cancer spreading rapidly in Rajasthan, especially oral cancer?

Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit- Cancer cases have increased rapidly in many states of the country. Rajasthan is also one of these states. About 70 thousand to one lakh new cases have been found here within the last four to five years. In this, cases of throat and oral cavity, especially in men, have increased a lot. Along with this, there is another figure that even during Covid, there were more deaths due to cancer than Covid in India. But no one talks about this disease.

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Question– Even during Covid, there have been more deaths due to cancer, what were the reasons for this?

Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit- There is a general belief that cancer is a disease. Whereas cancer is a process. Human body is made up of cells. There are crores of cells inside us. These cells run in a very regulated manner and with this our body is also regulated. It has been seen that when different types of stress come on the body, the regulation of the cells among themselves may be impaired or due to age, the ability of the cells to withstand wear and tear may decrease.

Because of this, two things can happen in those cells. The first is that they start growing out of control. The second is the metastatic potential, in which the cell gets the ability to leave its place and go to another place. Due to these two steps, if there is any abnormality in the cells, then it becomes a cancer cell.

the first is our environment

The main reasons also include multiple factors. The first of which is our environment. Which has become quite artificial. Air pollution, water pollution present in the environment – ​​all these are giving stress to the body.

The second reason is the growing age

Most of the cancers that occur after the age of sixty years. From this it can be understood that cancer is a disease of such people whose age is increasing. Due to aging, the immunity of the body decreases and the ability to attack and kill cancer cells decreases.

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Lifestyle is the third factor

What is in our hands is our diet, workout, obesity, hormonal imbalance and tobacco use. There are 13 different types of cancer in the body due to tobacco. In which the most dangerous is oral and lung cancer. These are all external factors.

Fourth reason is genetic factor

Some people may also have family history or genetic abnormality. 90% of cancer can be due to external reasons and 10% can be due to genetic reasons.

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