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Opposition will go to Court to stop a blow to the Judiciary

With the argument that the rights of workers are affected, national leaders and parliamentary leaders of The opposition in both chambers of Congress announced that they will go to the Supreme Court of Justice to stop the Morena reform that eliminates 13 of the 14 trusts of the Judicial Branch.

The national president of the PRI and federal deputy, Alejandro Morenomaintained that the challenge before the Court is because “we need to guarantee the functioning of the Judiciary as a wholeday to day, what their workers do.”

The national leader of the PRD, Jesus Zambranoannounced that “we will always accompany and proceed before the Court against an initiative that aims against the rights of workers in the Judiciary.” The PRD coordinator in San Lázaro, Luis Espinosa Cházaro, announced that “we will go against the reform with everything.”

The coordinator of the PAN in the Chamber of Deputies, Jorge Herreraalso explained that the appeal of constitutional controversy would be resorted to, because “labor rights are disrupted”and it does not mean that the PAN defends “the super bonuses for ministers, it is not intended to defend infinite travel expenses, the thousands of advisors who earn huge salaries.”

The PAN deputy Margarita Zavala He insisted that an open parliament be held before next Tuesday, when the ruling will go to the plenary session, because this reform “is going to Court because it does affect the rights of workers.”

In response, the coordinator of Morena in San Lázaro, Ignacio Mier, author of the initiative, inspired by a demand from the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador rebuked the opposition and called on “society not to be fooled.”

He explained that “with the reform that we promoted to eliminate 13 trusts from the Judicial Branch The labor rights of the more than 55 thousand employees are protected and the luxuries and waste of resources in this Judicial Branch end. With this reform we are going to achieve it,” he said.

Because the opinion on reforms to the organic law must also pass to the Senate, after being endorsed in San Lázaro, the national coordinator of MC, Senator Dante Delgadosaid that this action represents “an abusive intervention of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch due to the division of powers, since they are resources that have been generated by many sources.

The coordinator of the MC bench in the Senate, Clemente Castañeda, maintained that the legislators of the orange party will support “all the legal resources that we have at hand, we are going to exercise them, but we are not going to allow continued pressure on one of them. the powers”.

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