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Opposition barrage towards Axel Kicillof: they blame him for ‘non-existent management’ and ‘obsession with the mirror of the City’

Opposition leaders crossed Axel Kicillof on Tuesday, after his failed presentation at the Book Fair. They questioned his “nonexistent management” in the Province of Buenos Aires, as well as its “obsession for looking at the mirror of the City”. Nor did they overlook the new botched-flavored whore he committed, by mentioning the roles of the state and the “market.”

“’Where there is no business, the State does not arrive.’ More clearly, pour water on it”, sentenced the Buenos Aires deputy and strong figure of Together for Change, Diego Santilli, on Twitter, finishing off Kicillof’s slip. And he completed the publication by congratulating, not without irony, the Buenos Aires governor: “Good for Kicillof, recognizing how Kirchnerism thinks that the state should function.

His colleague Cristian Ritondo also used sarcasm to refer to Kicillof’s mistake. “Where there is no business, the State does not arrive”, the governor screwed up. In response, the former Buenos Aires Security Minister and president of the PRO block wrote: “Because where there is no business Kirchnerism does not arrive”.

While, Alex Campbellprovincial deputy and deputy head of the JxC block for the Province of Buenos Aires, launched a harsh criticism against Kicillof by indicating that “it took him 2 years to consecrate himself as the worst governor the province had”.

“He has nothing to show and is dedicated to lying and chicaning to that it is not noticed so much that its management is non-existentthat the problems deepen and there is no capacity to react”, highlighted the provincial legislator.

For his part, the Buenos Aires senator Juan Pablo Allan pointed out that “in addition to the whore and the unconscious who plays a trick, the obsession to look at the mirror of CABA returns”. “Yes look this way you are going to discover enormous insecurity, growing poverty and inflation wreaking havoc!” he advised the governor.

His block leader and also a Buenos Aires senator Christian Gribaudo was somewhat more descriptive in his Twitter post. “Taxes, insecurity and poverty. State K is a very bad ‘business’ for the people of Buenos Aires”, he pointed.

Sergio Siciliano, provincial legislator, made it clear that, according to his eyes, everything had already been said by Kicillof and there was nothing more to add to those statements: “to confession of partiesrelay of evidence…”.

On the other side of General Paz, Diego García Vilas, a Buenos Aires legislator, considered that Kicillof “confessed” that “a gigantic and clumsy State it’s hard to get there”. In addition, he allowed himself to make a suggestion: “Since your political space will not allow you to say so, I complement it: that is why we must promote the creation of private and quality work, and facilitate the path for entrepreneurs.”

Axel Kicillof, against the City

In his speech at the Book Fair, Kicillof tried to refine the consideration he gave to the City of Buenos Aires – where he lived until he changed districts for electoral purposes – compared to the territory he governs. “It is not a province. It is not and it will not be. The Argentine provinces are 23 ”, he shot. The former Minister of Economy also said that “it is unfair and inappropriate to compare the Province with CABA.”

“Compare the Province with its 17 million inhabitants, its 300 thousand km. with a city, a municipality of 3 million inhabitants and 200 square km does not make sense, we should not allow it, ”said the former national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, who now, according to what he said“ lives of unskilled and informal work of the people of Buenos Aires”.

He said more: “The province has the poorest government. It contributes 40 percent of the taxes that are collected and receives only 20 percent of that by co-participation. You get half of what you put in.”

“The identity of the Province is a problem because it is compared with CABA, its old capital, which nwas taken from you in battle“, he insisted with the gaze of a historian”.

And finally, he expressed a curious preference. “Some call it the CABA, I like it, because It’s not fair to call us the same“, He launched.


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