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One-year-old feud: Home invasion in Thiruvananthapuram, 12 arrested

Thiruvananthapuram: A house was attacked in the capital. The incident took place at Attingal Vellallur. Several people, including women, were injured in the clashes between the two groups. The atrocity took place around 8pm on Saturday night.

There have been two clashes. The first incident took place in front of the house of Gargi, a native of Vellallur. As the confrontation intensified, one of the men ran into Gargi’s house. With this, the others entered the house and clashed. Gargi owns a house that has nothing to do with these two groups.

The violence was sparked by a feud between the two groups a year ago. There was an argument between these groups on Saturday evening. This was followed by violence.

Afzal and Vishnu, who were at loggerheads, met each other in front of Gargi’s house. Vishnu and his friend were coming by bike that way. This time, Afzal stood in front of Gargi’s house and insulted Vishnu. When Vishnu came up with the answer, an argument broke out. The two clashed. Friends of Vishnu also came here. This time Afzal ran to Gargi’s house. The groups that entered the house were confronting each other.

The two then parted ways and Afzal returned to his nearby house. But again Vishnu and his group returned and stormed Afzal’s house. Afzal’s friends also came here at this time. The two groups then clashed. Afzal and his mother were beaten by members of the opposition. After the locals informed the police, the Nagaroor police reached the spot and nabbed the attackers. Twelve people, including teenagers, were arrested.

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