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One year; Inflation in vegetables has doubled

Thiruvananthapuram: Extreme inflation in Kerala in one year. According to the State Department of Economic Statistics, the prices of vegetables have gone up by one and a half times. Of the 50 consumer durables, 39 went up in price. This trend indicates that large-scale market intervention is needed to contain inflation.

The average price of cucumber in the state on December 16, 2020 was Rs. 23.07 per kg. 59.21 in December 2021. The highest price was 156.65 per cent. This is an increase of 68.50 per cent over the previous month. The maximum for beetroot is 80 percent.

Venkata rose from Rs 35.43 to Rs 79.50. 124.39 per cent increase. 124.50 per cent more for tomatoes. The maximum for eggplant is 94.4 percent. The price of cabbage has doubled over the last month. 64% more for green chillies. However, onion prices declined by 7% and potatoes by 23%.

According to the department, brown rice became dearer by 8.68 per cent and white rice from Andhra Pradesh by 2.48 per cent. Inflation in sugar was 4.12 per cent. 2.6 per cent for milk. 4.24 per cent for eggs.

The Department of Economic Statistics monitors the prices of fifty daily necessities daily. Prices of 11 items fell slightly. 17 items are more expensive than last month.

At the same time, the price of unpackaged coconut oil is reported to have fallen sharply. 222.29 to Rs. 194.50. 12.50 per cent less. But the price of coconut oil in the packet has not dropped significantly. Coconut prices fell to Rs 197.55 from Rs 238.18 per ten. The price of kappa has come down by about five per cent. That is, prices of state-owned goods fell and those of outsiders rose. Rising fuel prices, natural calamities and floods in neighboring states have contributed to the rise in prices.

Percentage of inflation

Eggplant 94.04

Cucumber 156.65

No. 124.39

Amara 90.83

Beans 64.77

Cucumber 81.36

Cabbage 92.84

Puppet 59.15

Tomatoes 124.50

Beatroot 80.01

Carrots 34.15

Mustard 24.33

Coriander 16.37

Sugar 4.12

Milk 2.60

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