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On a day of state protests, the undersecretary of Labor resigned

On a day marked by strikes and the ATE state’s claim regarding layoffs, Mariana Hortal Sueldo, Undersecretary of Labor, resignedin the Ministry of Human Capital.

The official –close to the labor lawyer Jorge Triaca, minister of Mauricio Macri’s area and son of the deceased plastic unionist of the same name – had been appointed along with Omar Yasín who was ejected from the cabinet, blamed for the controversy over the salary increases of President Javier Milei and his ministers. In her political career, the resignation had been undersecretary of Social Security and director of Internal Legal and Administrative Affairs of the ANSeS, an organization to which she was linked. for more than 30 years.

It turned out that Hortal Salary formally alleged “a personal decision” for his resignation that occurred on a critical day due to the impact of the cut in public employment, with more than 11 thousand dismissals of employeesas reported by unions such as ATE, which went on strike and will repeat the measure of force this Friday.

“He arrived with Yasín at Work and left with him”they minimized from the portfolio headed by Sandra Pettovello, which has been experiencing a string of departures from political positions.

In fact, Hortal Sueldo was the last frame in the Human Capital structure that had a political terminal in the former deputy Triaca, Macri’s man. But also by Patricia Bullrich.

The thing is that before the departures of the Yasin-Sueldo de Trabajo tandem, there was another loss of an official linked to Triaca and who, at the same time, was the third leg of the trio that made up the labor campaign team for Bullrich’s presidential candidacy.

The third name was Horacio PitrauMilei’s original Undersecretary of Labor, before the promotion to replace Hortal Sueldo, a former partner in the consulting firm Eficci, whose founder is Clarisa Loccisano, Triaca’s wife.

Mariana Hortal Sueldo, the Undersecretary of Labor who resigned from her position.

Pitrau’s departure occurred at the request of the Chief of Staff Nicolás Posse and advisor Federico Sturzenegger, after a union photo that sparked controversy. It was the meeting between Pettovello, Yasín and the trade unionist, Armando Cavalieri.

Armando Cavalieri during the meeting with Minister Sandra Pettovello and the Secretary of Labor, Omar Yasín.Armando Cavalieri during the meeting with Minister Sandra Pettovello and the Secretary of Labor, Omar Yasín.

At that meeting it was reported that Cavallieri would adopt the severance fund promoted by the Government for his union, instead of compensation. In exchange, the union took the promise of limiting the scope of solidarity union dues, embodied in Javier Milei’s mega DNU. The Ministry of Labor even issued a resolution in the progress at that point. That angered Posse and Sturzenegger and Pitrau paid for it. Yasín, in addition to his verticality with Triaca and Bullrich, had the advantage of being close to Pettovello, since times of university militancy.

But Yasín fell, no longer able to defend Pettovello, in the face of a greater anger: that of Milei, for having intervened in the process of his own salary increase, which the President ordered to retrace. There, at Work, he replaced him Julio Cordero. It has not yet been defined who will occupy the position of Hortal Sueldo, who was said to have been brandishing his resignation since Yasín left his position..

Day of protests and tension in ministries and public offices due to layoffs

On the eve of Hortal Sueldo’s resignation as Undersecretary of Labor, this Wednesday there were moments of tension in the entrances to public offices, from where they were fired more than eleven thousand workers.

To avoid incidents, from Tuesday night billboards and federal forces agents appeared at the entrances to ministries and public agencies, so ATE union members promised to accompany their members so that they are not repressed. And try make them come in.

Consequently, the workers arrived at their positions alongside the union members and there were moments of tension in offices such as INADI and the Ministry of Labor itself. The Government, at the same time, warned that there would be “consequences” for those who went beyond the law.

ATE protest over dismissals at INADI.  Photo Guillermo Rodríguez Adami.ATE protest over dismissals at INADI. Photo Guillermo Rodríguez Adami.

For its part, The Government defended the decision not to renew more than eleven thousand public employee contracts of the temporary plant whose bonds expired on March 31.

“This is part of the work we have been doing to reduce State expenses and personnel who are not necessary, who do not continue to receive income from the State. As I always say, no matter how tired it is, on the other side there is a taxpayer who pays for it. In this case, those who did not have a defined job was an income supported by a taxpayer who often has problems making ends meet, it is not fair,” explained the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, in his usual press conference.

Regarding the union part, ATE announced a strike for Friday, April 5 and a mobilization at the Ministry of Economy to demonstrate against the measures of the Government of Javier Milei.

“This escalation of the conflict in the State is not our responsibility, but rather It is the direct responsibility of the Government headed by President Javier Milei, who has decided to unleash an unusual level of aggression and attack on all our labor rights,” said the general secretary of ATE, Rodolfo Aguiar.

For its part, UPCN, the other union that brings together state employees, joined forces with the CGT leadership and will go to Justice to try to stop the layoffs in public administration.

The CGT, meanwhile, announced that next Thursday, April 11, it will hold a meeting of its Board of Directors and there The date of the new general strike would be defined.

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