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Omnilife-Chivas outlines expansion plan

Omnilife-Chivas Group, under the direction of Amaury Vergara, is open to seeking investors for the development of new fields and the expansion of its high-performance center. This initiative, which is projected for the next five years, aims for all the group’s teams to train in their own facilities, thus improving the current conditions where several of these facilities are rented.

“There will be projects, in particular that can be intelligent or reasonable, to look for partner investors so that they can help us develop and carry them out. (…) These are projects that can help us a lot, because we are already outgrowing all the training centers, although we have several, and we rent several, so the rent is temporary, but the ideal would be for all our teams to train in properties belonging to the club, and that is one of the objectives that we are seeing for the next five years,” he shared in an interview with reporter Alejandra Rodríguez.

The group is also attentive to sustainability and climate change issues, considering the possibility of getting involved in green bonds when they are structured in a way that generates real impact and benefit.

“Yes, I am interested in green bonds, but today it seems to me that they are not well structured so that they comply with everything that green bonds must comply with, but the moment they have a positive methodology and really give an impact and benefit, we will do it” , said the manager.

Regarding the improvements to the Akron Stadium, Vergara said that significant investments are being made for connectivity technology, water management and other necessary adaptations for the 2026 World Cup.

“Much of what we are investing comes from our own pockets, no one is giving us, or outside capital. Most of our surpluses go to reinvestment, and in many ways we have that philosophy, that the only way to grow is to be constantly reinvested,” the manager explained.

AI becomes a business strategy

Generative Artificial Intelligence has captured the public’s attention by facilitating access to data for people of various roles and levels of experience. However, for many organizations, implementing AI effectively and generating reliable insights remains a considerable challenge.

SAS Innovate is presented as a learning opportunity for those interested in creating value through AI. Taking place April 16-19 at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, this event will offer more than 200 sessions including workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations.

Jennifer Chase, chief marketing officer at SAS, emphasizes that innovation is key to the company’s strategy to serve its customers and that SAS Innovate is a celebration of this philosophy. The event will serve as a hands-on workshop for the application of AI in organizations and as a showcase for the latest data and AI technologies from SAS and its partners.

The event will feature companies that currently use AI and analytics to optimize their businesses in various areas. Additionally, inspiring keynotes will be offered, including a panel on Responsible AI moderated by technology journalist Kara Swisher. The Innovation Hub will be another of the attractions of SAS Innovate, where attendees will be able to explore the latest technologies from SAS and its partners.

They debate the future of health and insurance

The Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) will hold its 33rd Insurers Convention in 2024, on April 9 and 10.

This event will focus on a topic of vital importance for the future of health in Mexico: collaboration between the public and private sectors to strengthen social security and expand insurance coverage to more of the population.

This initiative is especially relevant in the context of the considerable out-of-pocket expenses that Mexicans face for health care and the aging population, which will demand specialized services for chronic-degenerative diseases.

The convention will address the significant opportunity to increase insurance penetration in Mexico, where currently only a smaller percentage of the population has Major Medical Insurance.

With an accumulated premium that amounts to millionaire figures and millions of people insured, the potential for growth in this sector is reflected.

During the convention, strategies will be discussed so that more people can access insurance that protects their finances, their lives and their health, which is crucial for the well-being of society and the financial stability of individuals and families.

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