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Ómicron: Tell me which vaccine vs. COVID applied to you and I will tell you its effectiveness against the new variant

There has been a great concern for the new omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease of the COVID-19. One of the main reasons is that this has accumulated more than 50 mutations. Scientists around the world have been working around the clock to learn more about this variant.

The available research indicate that existing vaccines, which are among the greatest public health achievements globally, will continue to protect against the most serious pictures of the disease, an even stronger reason to obtain the booster dose.

The first preliminary reports on the omicron protection are data that must be interpreted as the first indications available. Neither his findings are definitive nor does he have enough information yet. However, here we tell you what is the efficacy, according to the pharmaceutical companies?

Efficacy of omicron vaccines


One of the most administered vaccines in the world against COVID-19 is that of Pfizxer. Their first analyzes indicated that the protective effect falls drastically against the new variant. However, they said, a booster dose greatly increases the immune system’s defense against omicron.

A recently published preliminary study conducted by Discovery Health, South Africa’s largest private insurer, found that the vaccine from pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German partner BioNTech provides only one 33 percent protection against infection. However, the vaccine would be offering a 70 percent of protection against hospitalization.


The US drugmaker warned that its COVID-19 vaccines could not be so effective against the omicron variant. So said the CEO of the drug maker Moderna. which stated that its dosages are unlikely to be as efficient as they have been against previous variants.

Modern not yet published no official result on the efficacy of its omicron vaccine, but company president Stephen Hoge said current vaccines likely won’t hold up as well to the new variant. Although he maintained that a booster dose should offer some protection against serious infections.


“As with any new emerging variant, we are investigating B.1.1.529 (omicron) to understand more about it and the impact on the vaccine.” The company is investigating the cases. “That will allow us to collect real-world data against this new virus variant,” said the British pharmaceutical company said a statement:.

For its part, a report by the UK Health Security Agency analyzed data from 581 omicron cases and thousands of cases of delta to calculate the efficacy of vaccines against the new variant. The analysis is based on limited data, but showed a sharp drop in effectiveness of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson

According to an analysis, done in South Africa, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine practically did not produce protection of antibodies against the new variant, demonstrating that omicron has an ability to bypass a fairly representative group of body defenses, as reported by Bloomberg.

However, the company’s global director of research and development, Mathai Mammen, said in a statement: “We have started work to design and develop a new omicron vaccine and we will move quickly to clinical studies if necessary. “


One of the vaccines that has not yet been accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) is Sputnik. However, the Gamaleya Institute of Russia stated that its dose has “a high neutralizing activity” against the omicron variant, according to a preliminary study announced this Friday by its developers.

The heads of the Gamaleya Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), assured that the single-dose version of Sputnik Light vaccine, in case of used as a booster after two doses of Sputnik V, increases the effectiveness against the new variant by 80 percent. Although an independent study stated this Friday that Russian vaccine produces little or no antibodies against the new variant.

Other laboratories such as the Chinese Sinopharm or Cansino have not provided information on the new variant. But nevertheless, existing vaccines should protect to people who contract omicron variant of severe COVID casessaid a WHO official. “Current vaccines are still effective against serious infections and death,” he said.

In the end, experts say, if the vaccines that are currently available work or not against omicron, it is something that we will learn in more detail as the days go by, although they point out that it is less deadly than the delta variant. This is how science works. It evolves as events occur and evidence accumulates.

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