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Olga Tañón’s concert in Peru canceled

The company Opción 1 Entertainment, LLC, a company representing the Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón, informed -through a press release- that the concert “Simetría Tour Peru”, scheduled for tonight, cannot be carried out due to breaches of contract.

“It is our responsibility to inform you, no matter how sad and harsh it may be, that the Olga Tañón event “Simetría Tour Perú” scheduled for tonight cannot take place due to contractual breaches by the company Market Red SAC, directed by Mr. Paulo Miranda, of Peruvian origin.

According to the Tañón statement, its representatives, equipment suppliers, artistic personnel and security made efforts in good faith to support and seek alternatives so that said company and Mr. Miranda could fulfill their responsibilities as a producer, but unfortunately nothing could be achieved. .

“These efforts included the arrival of the artist and her team in Peru, setting up the stage, lights, sound, and necessary facilities to hold a high-profile event that was supported by an audience that supported the artist with the purchase of tickets to achieve full assistance.”

It was also added that “it is very difficult to express the degree of my disappointment in this situation. It is unacceptable that this company did not fulfill its legal responsibility to be able to make this presentation. I am even more sorry for the thousands and thousands of people who bought their tickets to attend the event. I ask Mr. Paulo Miranda to immediately return the money to each person who bought said tickets.”

The Opción 1 Entertainment company clarified that the management team as well as the artist had to pay the tax required by SUNAT to be able to leave Peru and its work team and musicians as required by law, as a consequence of non-payment of part of the company “Our responsibility to the public that supports Olga Tañón as well as our staff of more than 20 people is unwavering. The artist financially covered the unforeseen expenses of her equipment, taxes, etc; as well as she will also pay each one as if said presentation had been made. We will take legal action against said company and Mr. Paulo Miranda,” the statement concluded.

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