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Olga Tañón ends a “hard” week with “La gran fiesta” at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot

Last Tuesday, while participating in the Telemundo comedy show “Raymond y sus amigos” (RYSA), Puerto Rican merengue singer Olga Tañón was unable to identify the happiest moment of her almost four-decade career. Among many, she mentioned the “Ardiente” concert, held on October 11, 1997 at the Hiram Bithorn stadium, in San Juan, and whose attendance exceeded 30,000 people.

In fact, the musical event for history in the iconic capital park was remembered yesterday morning, when “La Mujer de Fuego” received the Medal of San Juan from Mayor Miguel Romero. This, hours before the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico, the most important entertainment venue on the island, turned on the lights for “Simetry Tour 2023.”

After last night, there is no doubt that the 56-year-old singer will treasure the “show” as one of the “happiest” of her career. In addition to the “sold out” that dominated the ticket purchasing section on the Ticketera page, there were several details that will make it unforgettable.

The musicians, dressed in black, settled on the stage to accompany the artist during the evening, which included more than 28 songs. Meanwhile, on one of the sides of Arena, a group of stilt walkers, bigheads, jíbaros and bladderntes, were waiting for the chords of “I am Puerto Rican”, the song with which Tañón would open the long-awaited evening.

Minutes later, they moved through the public to fill it with color and national pride. Most of all, they did it to welcome a daughter of the house, a querendona who returned 14 years after her last concert in her homeland.

The production, in line with technological advances, opted for avatars created by artificial intelligence to welcome the audience of “La Tañón.” In their message, they admitted, those present would experience sensations “impossible to register”, and they were correct.

Likewise, Tañón’s avatar defined the term “symmetry” and promised that tonight “an event would be experienced.” It was then that the sounds of explosives, fire and confetti opened the party that the Puerto Rican living in Miami had prepared for her compatriots.

For the opening, the four-time Latin Grammy winner was not alone. Next to her, another of the ambassadors of Puerto Rican culture appeared, Manolo Ramos. The exponent, comfortable with her figure, opted for a long, intense red dress, full of shine as always, and transparent.

Professional makeup artist Tania Pitre, in charge of William Denizard’s wife’s personal grooming, “was dragged,” as she would say. The long false tail worn by the person who made her debut in 1984 starred in the “total look” of the hostess.

From the Upper Level to the front row, they danced to the rhythm of “I witnessed your love”. It should be noted that people of all ages came to the Coliseo de Puerto Rico: comfortable, happy, with glitter and sequins.

Some attended alone, others in pairs and some occupied entire rows with their “huddle”. Total, after the first theme, they were all one. They moved from one side to the other while they smiled and high-fived as a sign that things were going well.

It should be noted that many of those who came alone asked for borrowed partners and also danced. “Cute, cute, cute,” as Tañón repeated throughout the concert.

Technology was present again. This time, fans were able to scan a “QR Code” that would give them access to their idol’s social media and digital platforms.

“He changed me for her” was another of the most applauded successes by an audience that never sat down or closed their lips. However, attention was focused on a man who, from Arena, sang the chorus of the song effusively. Thanks to his free and passionate performance, he earned the congratulations of “The Woman of Fire”.

What could the presence of a giant snake on the stage’s main screen mean? Olga Tañón would sing what for many is considered an anthem. With this performance, the artist, who keeps her stamina, voice, stage projection and dance skills intact, gave the audience another “great moment” after moving in the style of a snake, as if for 1097.

The first of two medleys was made up of “Between night and day”, “One more night” and “When the breeze of the wind”.

The avatars, who served as guides throughout the night, detailed the essential elements in an artist: talent, vocal performance, charisma and mutual professional admiration were those mentioned. “This will be a musical diary full of memories, feelings and rhythms,” said Olga’s avatar to introduce the first round of artists.

This part started with “Tesoro mío”, together with the Puerto Rican Yan Collazo. Tañón, in the same way, wore her second change of the night, a short dress, in the style of “animal print” and more shine. Immediately afterwards, the voice of Jerry Rivera was heard to interpret “Vuela muy alto”. Likewise, the Puerto Rican Power sang “Tu cariñito”.

One of the funniest parts of the night was when Tañón’s avatar explained that, although he was “sorry,” he had to “shoot the men.” The speech continued with a play on words that took those present on a tour of all the hits dedicated to men such as “He’s a Liar” and “Bad Boy.”

“Good evening, now I can say hello. Let me catch my breath, we, older people… What older people, not even older people. How do you feel? Well, I feel like the luckiest woman in the universe,” she began as she drank what appeared to be wine, and greeted her colleague Melina León, who was present at the show.

“For me, it is a privilege. This week has been strong, that’s when you realize that life goes on, that the ‘show’ continues… I dedicate this presentation to those who have accompanied me since the ’30-odd’ years of my career, some old people who accompanied me in San Juan 15 years ago and today accompany me from heaven, and a brother who also left us”, he added.

After the greeting, Tañón resumed the music. There was definitely no room for sadness. “Así es la vida”, “Cómo olvidar” and “Bandolero”, continued the repertoire. The “fresh” audience continued standing up and chanting each hit by the multi-award-winning singer-songwriter.

The big surprise came from Obie Bermúdez with the song “Antes”. The appearance of the 43-year-old exponent caused many to react with a sad face or make “spoons”. This, as a show of solidarity before the recent announcement of his divorce with Jennifer Peña.

Tañón, who has sold more than 5,000,000 copies of his records around the world, never showed wear and tear or fatigue. Quite the opposite. Together with Bermúdez, Olga Teresa, the Puerto Rican’s first name, reached one of the highest records of the night.

With a third costume change, this time, back to the formal style, it was the turn of “Flaca o chubby”. However, it was the song “My eternal secret love”, accompanied by the Spanish Antonio Manuel Álvarez Vélez, known artistically as Pitingo, the most applauded performance of the night.

Both Tañón and Álvarez Vélez let their feelings sing for them. In each verse, what both transmitted was so special that many of the audience ended up in tears.

Other hits, such as “Let someone tell me”, “Basta ya”, and “Vivo la vida”, who performs various musical genres once again showed that she is one of the most complete artists on the patio. She also made it clear to her fans that she was worth the long wait to see her in concert again.

With another of the most beloved in the Puerto Rican industry, Oscarito, “Carita linda” was played. The proud of Levittown, Toa Baja, moved from corner to corner with a smile from ear to ear. And it was no wonder, with this concert, Tañón felt the reality of her dreams as a child.

There she was, the youngest of four siblings, much more mature, as an artist and as a human being, than the last time she stood before her people in concert. Even with all the blows she received to get to the meeting, in the end, she was able to celebrate “The big party” that she had promised.

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