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Oksana Stepanova, a woman of Russian origin, disappears in Nuevo Leon

The young woman identified as Oksana Stepanova, 34, He disappeared on June 3 in the city of Monterrey.

The search report tab, remains active, so the Specialized Group for Immediate Searchwhich depends on the State Investigation Agency, performs tasks that help find the whereabouts of the woman.

Authorities have few leads on the woman, even The clothing he was wearing on the day of the events is unknown.. The exact place of disappearance is also not disclosed.

In case anyone has information on the woman’s whereabouts, the authorities ask that they communicate at 81-20-20-44-11.

These events occur in the midst of a crisis over the disappearance of womenwhich have even generated protests from several feminist groups, in which the doors of the Government Palace were set on fire.

The most recent cases that transcended internationally and that made the problem visible was that of the young Debanhi Escobar Bazaldúa and Yolanda Martínez Cadena.

Femicides in Nuevo León 2022

So far this year and what was reported as of May 25, New Lion showed an upward trend in terms of crimes committed against women.

Until April 2022, the State Prosecutor’s Office reported 34 femicides and 82 attempted femicideswhich gives a total of 116 crimes committed against gender equality and the dignity of women.

As far as disappearances are concerned, the latest report from the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Femicides and Crimes Against Women indicated that in the state 432 complaints have been filed for the disappearance of women, of which 400 have been located.

In Nuevo León, five municipalities have a gender violence alert, it is about Apodaca, Cadereyta Jiménez, Guadalupe, Juárez and Monterrey.

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