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Nydia Caro, Suzette Bacó and Mónika Candelaria urge women to use self-love in the fight for equality

Singer Nydia Carothe actress Suzette Baco and the journalist Monika Candelaria They agreed that self-esteem is the infallible tool in the continuous struggle of women in search of equal conditions and rights in society.

The three celebrities participated this afternoon in a pleasant conversation at the Theater of the Antonio González Caballero School of Fine Arts as part of the commemoration of “International Women’s Day” and the activities that the municipality of Carolina has planned for this week.

The actresses and the Wapa Televisión reporter had a meeting that served as motivation for the hundreds of women who occupied all the seats in the theater. Many of the attendees are participants in the Women’s Affairs and RAMA Project programs of the municipality of Carolina. The mayor of Carolina, José Carlos Aponte, was the one who welcomed the event.

The forum “Women of power” showed how the three celebrities have struggled with their own challenges and obstacles in the personal and professional facets to proclaim themselves women who live fully in a society in which equality, equal pay, justice and the eradication of gender violence.

“To know what is happening, as Nydia said, you have to know the story. Today more than a celebration is a commemoration of working women. Because today is commemorated how some women for going out to fight for equal pay were burned in a sewing factory in New York by its owners and if we transfer that to Puerto Rico there were women like Ana Roqué and Juana Colón and other important women in our history to whom we owe to be able to vote, to be able to go out, to be able to live. These women have opened the doors for us so that we can continue doing the same to others and continue with the transformation because there is a long way to go, “said the actress and comedian Bacó.

The three women recognized that the battle does not stop and although countless advances have been made, much remains to be done in terms of better education, better living conditions, equal pay, “having the same rights as men” and, above all, eradicating femicides and gender violence.

“Self love if it is not there is nothing. We have to embrace ourselves with self-love. It is looking at yourself in front of the mirror and loving yourself as it is in all dimensions. Get rid of the absurd publicity that they put through our eyes, noses and mouths that we must have a specific anatomy that applies to us as women with a spectacular mix of races”, said Bacó, who used her innate humor to motivate women to love each other. and respect yourself first and foremost.

All three speakers were asked about their personal challenges and how they overcame them. The singer and veteran actress Nydia Caro narrated that her greatest challenge was to face her parents, who did not believe in the artist’s career and to show, specifically to her father, that she became a great national and international star. .

Among the challenges that the “Noticentro al Amanecer” news anchor has had to overcome, she highlighted having to fight against the stigmas of physical appearance, the perception of beauty pageants and being young and inexperienced when she entered more than ten years ago. in the field of television journalism.

“I have had several challenges. Physical appearance and being young are two stereotypes that some may think do not have the skills to reach a position like the one I occupy today. That must be eliminated completely because beauty is relative and we are all beautiful and beautiful. We all have the capabilities to achieve what we want. The most valuable thing is self-love. I was given a great opportunity and a door was opened for me, but I pushed it. I’m telling you now, door that comes, you push it, “said Candelaria, who in turn affirmed that eradicating misinformation should also be a priority when moving towards justice and equal pay for women.

Bacó, for his part, listed that the hardest personal level has been the losses ranging from deaths of relatives, pets, divorce and work. However, life has shown him that you have to face them in a combative way and not victimize yourself.

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