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Not getting MSP, farmers-laborers, commission agents all worried: Hooda –

Chandigarh, October 13 (Trinew)

Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda says that millet and paddy farmers are being cheated extensively in the mandis. They have to sell crops at rates lower than MSP. Farmers are facing losses of Rs 300-400 per quintal on paddy and Rs 500-600 per quintal on millet. The markets are filled with crops and there are long queues. Congress had repeatedly demanded the government to start procurement soon. Despite this, the government started the procurement late by 15 days.

He said that as usual, as soon as the procurement started, the portal stopped working, which increased the problems of the farmers. Speaking to the media at his official residence in Chandigarh on Friday, the former CM said that he had gone to Panipat, Karnal, Gharaunda and Pipli Mandi. Farmers, laborers and commission agents present in the market said that everyone is troubled by portals like ‘Meri Fasal-Mera Byora’ run by the coalition government.

During the Congress tenure, the crop used to be sold as soon as it arrived in the market, now even after waiting for several days, it is not available. Farmers got the benefit of early procurement by the Congress government. Due to this, even private agencies had to purchase at higher rates than the MSP and the crop rates increased in the market. But the present government deliberately delays the procurement to benefit private agencies.

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