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North Korea tests 3 missiles hours after Biden’s visit to Asia ends

Seoul, May 25 (AP)

North Korea on Wednesday tested a suspected intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and two short-range ballistic missiles at sea. South Korea has given this information. North Korea conducted this test hours after US President Joe Biden’s visit to Asia ended. During his visit, Biden reaffirmed that the United States remains committed to defending its allies in the face of the threat from North Korea. If confirmed, it will be North Korea’s first test of an ICBM in two months since the end of nuclear diplomacy with the US. North Korea claimed in March that it had tested the longest-range missile that could reach the US, bypassing its ban on testing long-range missiles in 2018. This test comes at a time when North Korea has claimed that the outbreak of Covid-19 is weakening in its country. However, there is controversy about this. After an emergency meeting of the National Security Council, South Korea’s government said North Korea had tested a suspected ICBM and two short-range ballistic missiles. The South Korean government said in a statement that North Korea’s relentless provocations would further strengthen the joint deterrence measures between South Korea and the United States and further isolate North Korea internationally.

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