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Noël Le Graët, Fernand Duchaussoy, Jean Fournet-Fayard… Serial red cards at the FFF

2022: the toxic governance of Noël Le Graët

Noel Le Graet, in June 2016.

A French Football Federation (FFF) undermined by turf wars and brutal management, headed by an old president diminished by illness but not stingy with sexual text messages sent to certain employees. This is the lackluster picture drawn by the monthly SoFoot, eleven years after the first election of Noël Le Graët at the head of the “Fédé”. A previous survey of New York Times, in October 2020, already evoked a “toxic culture” within the institution. The situation is such that the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, invited, on September 16, Noël Le Graët and its director general to discuss, among other things, these subjects, before announcing an inspection and an audit. Its president says he wants to complete his term of office in 2024.

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2011: the shameful quotas of Fernand Duchaussoy

Fernand Duchaussoy, in July 2010.

Difficult to speak of the end of his reign when Fernand Duchaussoy was just interim president of the FFF from July 2010 to June 2011. But his passage ended with one of those “affairs” which French football is accustomed to. This retired teacher who had taken over a federation shaken by the psychodrama of the World Cup in South Africa was the favorite in the race for the presidency. But, at the end of April 2011, Mediapart reveals the quota affair triggered by the recording of a meeting between FFF officials and the coach of the France team, Laurent Blanc, which suggests that it was considered to limit unofficially, in the national teams of young people, the presence of dual nationals and “Blacks”. Duchaussoy claims not to have been informed, but the affair will be fatal to him.

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2010: the fiasco of Jean-Pierre Escalettes

Jean-Pierre Escalettes, in June 2010.

” Resign ? No, I never told anyone that, not even my wife, who should know. » Thus spoke Jean-Pierre Escalettes, on June 19, 2010 in a press conference, at the end of the fiasco of the World Cup in South Africa, marked by the strike of the Blues. Nine days later, the boss of the FFF announced… his resignation. In the realm of the absurd, the last year of his presidency was a masterpiece. Whereas The Team reports, in the middle of the World Cup, tensions in the locker room and insults from striker Nicolas Anelka aimed at the coach, Raymond Domenech, Escalettes criticizes the media for having made it “a matter of state”. The ex-English teacher could have added that all of this might not have happened without him: he had kept Domenech after a pitiful Euro 2008.

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2002: the salty notes of Claude Simonet

Claude Simonet, in September 2004.

At the head of the FFF for eleven years (1994-2005), Claude Simonet savored the greatest successes of French football: a World Cup, won at home in 1998, followed by a Euro, two years later. But the press will reveal that, during the debacle of the World Cup in South Korea, in 2002, the president of the Federation validated expensive expense reports, including a bottle of romanée-conti at 4,800 euros. As if that were not enough, the Court of Auditors pinned the FFF for its mismanagement. Claude Simonet does not resign, but the cup is full; at 74, he will not run again. In 2007, he was sentenced to six months suspended prison sentence and 10,000 euros fine for having made up the accounts of the FFF.

1992-1993: the nightmares of Jean Fournet-Fayard

Jean Fournet-Fayard, in October 1989.

It was supposed to be a day of celebration. On May 5, 1992, Bastia is about to receive Olympique de Marseille in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France. But that day, a hastily built temporary stand collapsed, killing 18 people and injuring more than 2,300. In Furiani’s drama, the responsibility of the FFF is called into question and its boss, Jean Fournet-Fayard, will have to wait until April 23, 1993 for the indictment chamber of the Bastia Court of Appeal to confirm a dismissal. concerning him. The year 1993 will all the same be a disaster for him that can be summed up in three acts: the “VA-OM” corruption affair broke out on May 22, the draw of the Blues against Bulgaria on November 17, deprives France of Mondial in the United States, Fournet-Fayard resigns on November 29.

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