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No success in talks with Ukraine: Russia

MOSCOW, March 30 (AP)

The Kremlin (Russian presidential office) says that the latest round of talks with Ukraine has not achieved any success. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that it was a “positive factor” that Ukraine submitted its written proposal. However, Peskov said, “We cannot say whether anything is promising or successful.” He told reporters that there was much work to do after Tuesday’s Russia-Ukraine talks in Turkey. During Tuesday’s talks, Ukraine’s delegation said it had laid out a detailed framework for a peace deal under which the country would declare itself neutral and other countries such as the US, Britain, France, Turkey, China and Poland would protect its security. Will guarantee. The Ukrainian side also said it was willing to hold talks over a 15-year period regarding the future of the Crimea region, which Russia took control of in 2014. Peskov said Vladimir Medinsky, who was leading the Russian delegation during the talks, conveyed its findings to President Vladimir Putin. However, the spokesperson did not share further details about the talks. Responding to a question on Ukraine’s offer of talks on Crimea, Peskov said that Crimea is an integral part of Russia according to the country’s constitution and there is no justification for discussing it.

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