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‘No more work is done anywhere’, the threat from Truckers for the arrest of a leader of Pablo Moyano

The arrest of a senior leader of the San Nicolás Truckers union, accused of extorting a company, promises a strong reaction from the union, which has already confirmed a total stoppage of activities in the city of Buenos Aires.

In the run up to Maximilian Cavalryro turned himself in, his father, also a trade unionist, had warned: “Guys, no more work anywhere huh“.

The tension escalated in the last hours, after the Court of Appeals of San Nicolás deny prison release presented by the defense of Cabaleyro, who is accused of “possession disturbance, extortion, attempted extortion and coercion” of a distribution company.

He is charged in the same case Fernando Espindola, another Truckers leader who also turned himself in this Friday. Both remained at the disposal of Justice, waiting to be investigated.

The headquarters of the San Nicolás Truckers union, where they requested the arrest of Maximiliano Caballeyro. Photo: Juan Jose Garcia

The Chamber’s decision confirmed the ruling of Judge María Eugenia Maiztegui, who on March 30 had ordered the arrest of both unionists.

After this judicial setback, Cabaleyro called a press conference for 3:30 p.m. at the Truckers headquarters, but finally was not shown to the press. Almost three hours later he turned himself in.

Who made statements was his father, Julio, former general secretary of the Truckers of San Nicolás branch.

“What is happening to Maxi today is a consequence of having defended the rights of workers. The judges for some things are capable and for other things they are not“Julio Cabaleyro pointed out.

Maximilian Cavalryro

Maximilian Cavalryro

From there he issued a strong warning: “What we are going to do is a stoppage of activities until and as soon as they define what they are going to do with Maxi. If they’re going to arrest him or they’re going to set him free.” The threat materialized hours later, with the suspension of all Truckers’ activities in that city in the Province of Buenos Aires, such as the residue recolection.

If they stop him, guys there is no more work anywhere, eh“, had threatened Cabaleyro father.

“We are not going to regulate the rights that we get with our struggle, okay? We are not going to give everything that we get to anyone, not to the prosecutor, not to the judge, not to anyone.“, he concluded applauded by the members of the truckers’ union in a video that he published The North Newspaper of that city.

The measures of force are already felt in San Nicolás. Its mayor, Manuel Passagllia, demanded that the strike be lifted. “We ask the Truckers Union to review and cancel the force measure that harms the residents of our city. We Nicoleños are not to blame for the problems that its Secretary General, Maximiliano Cabaleyro, has with Justice,” he published in his account. from Twitter.

And he added: “It is unacceptable that they intend to take the residents of San Nicolás hostage, blocking access to the city, depleting businesses and leaving us without waste collection. If they defend democracy there can be no room for extortion and pressure. It is a lack of respect and a severe breach of their obligations.”

The support of Pablo Moyano

At the end of March, Pablo Moyano had traveled to San Nicolás to support Cabaleyro and Fernando Espíndola, who had received the first request for their arrest and had appealed it.

“My presence and that of a large part of the union’s board of directors is to defend the workers. One of the most persecuted men in recent years was Hugo and Pablo Moyano, the judges have said so,” said Pablo Moyano, referring to himself. in the third person, at the end of March in San Nicolás.

as far as he could tell Clarion, the stoppage of activities is something that was evaluated in the leadership of Truckers if the rejection of the prison exemption became effective and if the Justice arrested Cabaleyro. “If they stop him, it’s a defeat against (Florencia) Arietto,” assured two Truckers unionists.

Maximliano Cabaleyro received the support of Pablo Moyano after the first request for his arrest.  Photo: North Newspaper

Maximliano Cabaleyro received the support of Pablo Moyano after the first request for his arrest. Photo: North Newspaper

The former Cambiemos official is in conflict with Hugo Moyano not only in the Independiente club. The lawyer, she is a member of the Anti-Blockade Business Movement (MEAB) and represents the businessman who initiated the complaint against the two representatives of Truckers.

“This is an aberration, it is a political cost. This is constituted under the orders of some politician who has told the judge to finally arrest a trade unionist in order to please Mrs. Arietto,” Julio Cabaleyro told a local medium.

“Now we are going to hold a meeting with all the delegates, where the companies have already been notified. We are going to hold a general strike in San Nicolás, not a food truck, or a drink truck, or the collection, nothing is going to enter. It is not going to move from today, as long as the boys decide, who are the ones who give us the mandate, who are the ones who put our heads, hearts and balls, “warned the Trucker.

Truckers arrived at the union headquarters after requesting the arrest of Maximiliano Cabaleyro.  Photo: Juan Jose Garcia

Truckers arrived at the union headquarters after requesting the arrest of Maximiliano Cabaleyro. Photo: Juan Jose Garcia

The legal case that complicates two leaders of Truckers

In February of this year, the company Rey Distribución denounced Cabaleyro, Espíndola and employees affiliated with the Truckers’ union for an alleged “request for bribes” so that they would be allowed to “work in peace.”

“We have been suffering the extortion of these people, with repeated assemblies, without prior notice. They want us to give in again, to continue paying. It all started when we did not agree to give more money to the union. When they gave up, they began to block the exit of the workers. trucks,” Gustavo Rey assured the TN channel in September of last year.

“Since 2017 we have had to pay the union. At the time it was $20,000, then a monthly balance, and every time there were elections a little more. They called us and told us: ‘We have to raise $1,000,000, so see how much you are going to put’, but we decided to denounce them and confront them. That’s why all this happened, “added the owner of the distributor.

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